Sunday, February 26, 2012

Golden-Bronze Fade Smokey Eye Makeup (in Thai)

I just took a couple of shots of the overall look.  It reminds me of a city working girl makeup :) Hope you enjoy!

Blackened "Deep-Set Royal Blue" Makeup (in Thai)

แต่งหน้า: 2-Tone Eyeliner Makeup Look

Dramatic Smoked-Out Blue Makeup Look

Burgendy Cut Crease Makeup (in Thai)

How-to Shimmer Brown Makeup Look (in Thai)

Thailand Beauty Trip Haul Weeks 3-6!

This is my 3rd week haul video:

This is the 4th week haul video:

And the 5th/6th haul video :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

MyGlam February 2012 Bag Sneak Peak


The Actual Photo of the NYX Roll On Shimmer

The first photo on the upper left is the 
NYX Roll on eye shimmer. The other item in that same picture is probably X Out by Proactive.  

The photo on the upper right is also another picture of the NYX Roll on eye shimmer and the item on the left is a NuMe flat iron.

The lower left third photo seems random, but they are words similar to a Premier Dead Sea Cosmetic item and a Got 2 B Glossy Anti-Frizz Shine Serum.

The photo on the lower right is NuMe Ionic Hair Dryer.  This seems misleading to me since I doubt we're getting $160 Hair Dryer.  That's the price of it on the site.

All photos were from their Facebook Fanpage except the full size NYX Roll On Shimmer, which was from the NYX website.

Thailand Trip January 2012 Beauty Haul!

I'm still not done with my shopping yet lol.  There's one more week left and I still have a few more things to pick up.  Overall, I am happy with my purchases.  I think I carefully chose only the things that I will find use of  in my future tutorials.  I made sure I went to the popular beauty chain stores in Thailand to sample at least one product and see if I like it.  I wanted to get a variety of things from different brands.  I think its a great way to get to know a brand :)  


Items Description:
1. Preciosa Eyelashes (Vendor - 69 Baht)
2. Fairy Drop Eye Pads & Face Lotion (Watsons - 2 for 149 Baht)
3. Cathy Leopard Scrub (Karmart Central Phitsanulok - 199 Baht)
4. Sexy Night Body Cream (Watsons - 149 Baht)
5. Stocking Cream (Karmart Central Phitsanulok - 249 Baht)
6. White Grape Fresh Face (Skin Food - 680 Baht)
7. Gino McCray Mascara Softener (Beauty Buffet - 129 Baht)
8. Tianno BB Cream (Sky Beauty Phitsanulok - 59 Baht each)
9. Cathy Doll Speed White CC Cream (Karmart Central Phitsanulok - 199 Baht)
10. Biore Pore Pack (Lotus - 59 Baht each pack.  5 per pack)
11. 12 Sponges from Daiso Japan for 60 Baht
12. Collagen Mask (vendor - 50 Baht each)

Description of Items:

1. Majolica Majorca Lash Frame (Watsons - 440 Baht) 
2. IN2IT balloon (Watsons - 135 Baht)
3. Anna Sui (Central Pinkao - 1,200 Baht)
4. Holika Holika Magic Pole (Holika Counter Central Phitsanulok level 2 - 480 Baht)
5. Sweet Princess (Watsons - 49 Baht each)
6. Mistine (Vendor - 150 Baht)
7. KATE (Watsons - 
8. Herione Make Mascara Remover (Watsons - 380 Baht)

Lip Products:
1. 5 lip pencils (Vendor - 9 Baht each)
2. CANMAKE lip concealor (Watsons - 329 Baht)
3. 7 Lip Tint (Boots - 117 Baht Each)
4. Glitter Lip Gloss ...sorry no brand (Vendor - 39 Baht)

For the blushes the three that you guys see is a general no brand name that I bought from a vendor store for 29 Baht each. And the one with a brush was 39 Baht from Sky Beauty in Phitsanulok. 

Foundation & Powder
1. Holika Holika (Holika Counter Central Phitsanulok Level 2 - 810 Baht)
2. Shinee (7-Eleven - 139)
3. Sweet Princess BB Wonder Cream SPF 15 (Watsons - 99 Baht)
4. Utip Powder & Free Lip Tint (7-Eleven - 47 Baht)
5. Mistine BB Wonder Compact (Vendor - 200 Baht)
6. Mistine Bow Powder (Watsons - 159 Baht)

Items Description:
1. Preciosa Pack of 5 Eyelashes comes with 3 packs/15 pairs of lashes total (DD Phitsanulok - 145 Baht for 3 packs)
2. Color Contact lens by Kitty Kawaii (Big C Phitsanulok - 250 Baht)
3. Canmake Jewelstar Eyes 10 (Watsons - 329Baht)
4. Canmake Nudy Glow Lip Gloss 06 Peach Milk (Watsons - 330 Baht)
5. Toni&Guy X-Wax Stick (Boots - 150 Baht)
6. EYELASHES - I bought these packs of eyelashes at DD Phitsanulok.  From left to right they were 100 Baht, 105 Baht, 105 Baht, and 90 Baht per pack.  Each packs has 10 pairs of eyelashes with glue.

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