Saturday, March 31, 2012

แต่งหน้าแบบ แอฟ ทัก ษอร Aff Taksaorn Makeup

This was another request from my Facebook fan page.

แต่งหน้าแบบ Nicki Minaj - Purple Brows

This was a requested look from my Facebook fan page.

Theatrical German Flag Look (Requested Look)

This was another request.  OMG.  It was SO HARD!  I've never done anything as challenging as this tutorial as far as make up wise.  I guess you can say it was another level to improve my skills :)

This is the photo I was suppose to replicating....I don't think I did a good job because I feel like it doesn't even look like it.  My is not shaped like hers.  :(

MyGlam Bag April Sneak Peaks!

So there has only been one clue, and that's what the actual bag looks like:


I'll keep updating as the days get closer to the 10th :)  Excited about this month because I'm hoping there will be more make up and less skin care.

The quote from myglam's fb:
April Glam Bag Sneak Peek #1: It will be more than just black for your Glam Bags this month

Looks like Urban Decay's Pencil Liner in Zero

As quoted from their Facebook:
Sneak peek #2: Adding a little extra drama to your Girls Night Out.

Obviously these are false lashes!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!!! Finally a beauty subscription that gives out lashes!!!! And you can see they are from this site:  

It's a chinese brand so I know that they are cheap.  Its okay though, I'm a lash collector and I can never have too much!! :))

Sneak peek #3: The Glammies guessed the first two so easy. This one we're going to make a little harder... Also, this product hasn't even hit stores yet. :)

OMG!!  I think this is either a lip product or a primer!!! I can't wait to see what it is!!!

Looks like it would be a lip product:

DermStore's Lip Quench

Last sneak peek for the week! The Secret Agent Glammies won't have to work too hard for this one. ;-) xoxo 

แต่งหน้าแบบ WAii (Beach/Tropical Makeup Look)

This was a requested look from my Facebook wall post.

Introducing WAii's makeup look ka.  In the photo that was submitted to me, Waii has about 4 different colors on her eyes.  It's a summer/tropical look since we have so much going on.  I used green, blue, yellow, purple and black eye shadow to recreate her look.  It's really cute and bubbly :)

For this look I also used false lashes on the top lid and also the bottom lid.  You can opt out the bottom lid if you have long lashes already....just apply a fiber mascara to add length.

The contact lens that I used in this video is called Stella Gray.

แต่งหน้าแบบ Katy Perry Makeup

This was a requested look from my Facebook page.

This was such a fun look to create.  I actually wanted to do this look before it was posted on my FB.  It's really colorful and it reminds me of summer time.  Shimmer pink lips, and neon color shadows.  CUTE!

แต่งหน้าแบบ Kristen Stewart Look

I did this look from my Facebook page post by a fan.  I was in such a hurry that I forgot to take photos of myself to compare with Kristen's!!!! UGH I was soooo mad...

Anyway, here's the video...without my photo lol :) Enjoy.

แต่งหน้าแบบ Joy Rinlanee Sripen Makeup

This was another request look from my Facebook page.

I really enjoyed doing this look, since it required red eye shadow and an outlined lid.  The actress that had this make up is Joy Rinlanee.

I think the hardest part for me in this look was drawing out the extra outlined lid.  It probably was because I wasn't loading my brush properly with gel liner.  Either that or I didn't use the right brush.  I think an angled liner brush would have been better for drawing outline lids.

The contact lenses that I'm using today is called Stella Gray.  It has a hint of brown near the iris but it is suppose to look really natural.

แต่งหน้าแบบ Pinky ไชยเดช Makeup

This was a requested look from my Facebook page.

I noticed that this look was really sharp with angular brows and bold maroon lips.  Whenever there's shades like that you are bound to make a statement :)

I did redo my eyebrows to match that of Pinky's just to see what it would look like.  I have to say, i do kind of like it better than my usual tadpole brows.  It's really strong....just stopping before the bridge of my nose.

As for the eyes, its a pretty basic clean cut black liner.  We wing out just a bit to reshape the outer corners of our eyes.  I am also wearing Stella Gray contact lens to match Pinky's.

TianNuo BB Cream "We Love" (How-To + Review in Thai)

TianNuo is a Chinese brand that I've never heard of before until I ran across the products at a local beauty store in Phitsanulok, Thailand.  I bought it from Sky Beauty next to the hospital near my home.  It's a really impressive brand because of the details.  From the packaging to the quality of the products, I couldn't say anything negative about it.

Usually I am very skeptical about Chinese brands and this was no exception.  It cost me 59 Baht, or $2 for each tube of BB Cream.  At $2 per tube you have to wonder if this is real or if its junk lol.  Well, I figured I wasn't losing much if I were to invest in it.

I started using it a few times and I did notice that the BB Creams were on the thicker side.  That is normal for BB Creams to be thick.  The most important test is the aftermath feel.  Surprisingly, this BB Cream does not leave a oily residue.  It didn't even crack or make my face look chalky/cakey.  I was impressed.  I tested this by wearing it underneath my make up routine throughout the day.  My full day with make up on usually lasts anywhere from 6-8 hours.  So this did do a good job in maintaining a lightweight feel without an oily build up.  I give it 5 Stars!  For price, quality, and packaging.

I'm not sure where you can buy this online, I've searched for it, but I only came up with websites that looks kind of shady.  I wouldn't recommend it.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Vlog: Sponser Reviews...

แต่งหน้าแบบ ญาญ่า อุรัสยา Yaya Urassaya Sperbund

I totally forgot to take photos for this look in detail!!!! UGH!!!!  I just starting doing my make up and forgot lol......

Cathy Doll Speed White CC Cream (Review in Thai)

There are two shades of the Cathy Doll Speed White CC Cream.  I chose the green one because I needed a redness reducer cream.  By using green, it helps when I have red spots from acne, scratches, etc.  I do love how that they offer the CC Cream in both green and a beige color.

I bought this cream for 199 Baht and I love it.  Usually they sell Cathy products from Karmart because it is a Karmart product, but you can also find it at different beauty stores all across Thailand.

♥ VDO แนะนำตัวแนนค่ะ ♥

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sigma Kabuki - F80 Flat Top Synthetic Brush (Review in Thai)

L❥ve Sigma Brushes??  Click Here:

I love the quality of the Kabuki F80 Brush!  It's tightly packed bristles make it easy for foundation or any liquid type make up to be applied evenly on the high points of your face.  It is recommended according to the brush's description, for flat surfaces such as forehead, cheeks, etc.

This brush was sent to me as a welcome gift from Sigma Beauty.  I gave my honest opinion about what I think of the item that was sent to me.  If I didn't believe in it, I wouldn't even bother to mention it in a video :)

I would like to thank you Jennifer from Sigma Beauty for contacting me and sending me this brush for review.  I love Sigma's customer service and most importantly, their products!

Sigma does ship worldwide so keep in mind, if you would like to order from your country, you can check the shipping prices to be sure of the final cost.  For Thailand, I checked my hometown, Phitsanulok, and shipping for a $60 (2,000 Baht) shopping basket, was around $17 (530 Baht).  I don't think that this is an outrageous shipping fee at all.  It is an international shipment so it will cost something, but this is worth it for real quality brushes/makeup.  I highly recommend it!

Almost every make up you have needs something to apply it to your face.  Eye shadows, concealer, powder, etc. ...they have to have brushes for you to be able to why not invest in the tools that help you beautify yourself before the start of your day? ♥

If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment below!  In Thai, or English it doesn't matter :))

Baviphat Super Girl All in One BB Collagen (Review in Thai)

This is one of the many BB creams that Baviphat came out with.  Baviphat is a korean beauty brand that is sold all across Asia.  I got a hold of this one while in Thailand.  I wanted to try out Baviphat a long time, and this Super Girl All in One BB Collagen was the only one that I bought.  It was not because I chose it, but because it was convenient for me to purchase.  If I could I think I would buy all of Baviphat's creams.  They are not expensive and I really like how light this one feels on my face.  It was the first thing that I noticed after I started using it.  

I did find a website that sells this.  You can also get this on eBay too.  Just search the title in the search box.  

The website I found is at:

Miss A "Touch" MV Glitter Tear Drop Look (แต่งหน้า in Thai)

This was a requested look that was submitted to me from my Facebook page.  I really love how simple this look is if it were not for the glitter.  Although it added the finishing touches to make this look very sad and glowing.  I believe the glitters represented a tear drop on each eye....i don't know.   The MV to Touch was all in Korean :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Skin Food White Grape Fresh Base (Makeup Review in Thai)

kin Food has some of the best products.  They have a lot of skin care items that are extracted from rich source minerals such has fruits, caviar, etc.  I have been a fan of their products before I even started using this make up base.  I'm not quite sure if you can order these online because I haven't seen it on any site really.  You can try eBay, but I would be very skeptical since they could be fakes.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

$10.50 Perricone MD Cleanser at Sephora (Unboxing March 2012)

A few day ago I posted the things I had purchased from Sephora on their sale page.  I just got it today and did an unboxing video!  Enjoy :)

Mistine Brand Review

I got a message from someone asking me to do a review on the brand, Mistine.  I can really only talk about it and share my experiences with the items I had purchased from this brand.  I didn't buy much actually but out of the 3 things I did buy, I only liked one.  I guess its like all brands, you have to try out what you like because sometimes a brand will come out with things that will work for your needs, and other times you won't like it at all.  

eBay Discussion: Buying on eBay (in Thai)

Someone request that I talk about how to buy things on eBay.  I don't think I really did a good job at explaining because you really have to see how its done and experience it yourself.  They do have a lot of articles to read up on how to purchase things and what you should look out for when purchasing.  IDK....I did the video as requested ;)

แต่งหน้าแบบ Avril Lavigne "Goth Princess Smokey Eyes" (in Thai)

This is a requested look from my Facebook wall.  I say that it's pretty much a basic smokey eye.  Matted black smokey eye.  Avril Lavigne never changes her make up much so no matter what picture we see of her its just a black cloud around her eyes :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

แต่งหน้าแบบ อั้ม พัชราภา Aum Patcharapa Makeup

I got this photo in my YouTube inbox about 2 days ago.  If I didn't do this today, I surely would get behind.  I have a lot of projects I want to finish and lately I've been getting a lot of make up requests from people.  I love doing them and I hope to get more :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

แต่งหน้า: Carbon Black & Royal Blue Liner Makeup

This is a "just because" look lol.  I didn't have anything else to think of and it seems like its getting harder and harder for me to create something since a lot of people are starting to requests looks from me.  I actually have 3 on mind right now that I have to get done before I can do what I want to do :)

แต่งหน้าแบบ Adele Makeup Look (in Thai)

This was a requested look from my facebook.  I tried to recreate this as best as I can even though Adele only wears a thick cat eye liquid liner.

This is the picture how-to starting from left to right

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