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LaVaque Crystal Nail Files

LaVaque Professional
Crystal Nail Files, Tweezers, Spatulas & Thumb Plate
Product Reviews

This post has some opinion of my own in regards to LaVaque Professional products, as well as facts and my experience after testing out some items.

LaVaque Professional Crystal Nail Files, $7 for 5 1/2 inches
There are several types of nail files available for purchase these days.  The common ones are emery boards, ceramic, glass, metal files, and metal coated with sapphire (or corundum).  Crystal nail files have recently became available and are the best in quality.  They are smoother with an even surface and does not splinter your nails when you file them.  All are acid etched for a gritty texture.

You may not realize that having a certain type of nail file may be important, but if you ever get a hold of some crystal files, you'll know the difference.  Your nails will have a cleaner and smoother feel.  These files also helps prevent chipping and are gentle on brittle nails.

I was first introduced to crystal nail files a few months ago when I had the opportunity to choose one as a sample from my Beauty Army subscription service.  Just the name "crystal nail file" was interesting enough.  I didn't think there would be anything special about it, but I wanted to try it just because I could and the name was fancy.  The file that was a sample option was from LaVaque Professional.

When I got the file, I have never used anything else.  They truly live up to their reputation.  It gave my nail a smooth clean cut edge every time I used it.  There were no ripping or shredding as I was using it either.  All you need is one and you're good for a long long time.  They say that it's suppose to last forever.  Forever is a pretty long time, so I'm willing to wait that long :)

Tweezers, starting at $22
There are quite a few variety of tweezers offered on LaVaque's website.  Some have real diamonds and other's are just the plain stainless steel.  The have slanted, pointed, and even body waxing tweezers.  The grip is gentle, and the precision of the cut is very clean.  It's not too sharp to the point where it cuts your hair before plucking.  It firmly grips and does not hurt when you pluck off the hair.  I think its a very high quality product.  If you're looking for a good pair of tweezers and don't mind investing, I recommend these.  I've used the slanted one and I really like it.

The perks to these tweezers by LaVaque is that it's life time guarantee.  If your tweezers become dull or damaged in anyway, you can send it in and get it replaced free of charge.  This is really nice because if you buy just one, you won't have to buy another ever again.

Spatulas, $10
Spatulas are always good to have for scooping make up up and transferring it onto something else.  You could use it to mix your liquid make up, or even to depot.  I like that LaVaque's are stainless steel and won't ever rust.  They have a full size one and also a mini one for smaller make up pans.  Very useful to have!

Thumb Palette 1" x 1 1/4" inches,  $12
OMG!!! I love this!  I love how it fits easily over your figure and you can work at ease.  No more scooping make up back and forth.  With the spatula, I can mix my liquid make up onto my thumb palette and work quickly.  This is also nice for eyelash glue.  It's nice for anything really.  You just mix whatever you need and take it with you as you work right on your thumb.  BEST PRODUCT SINCE SLICED BREAD!

Please watch my video to hear my account on LaVaque Products.
*only in English.

Click on the photos to enlarge!

Products mentioned in video:
-LaVaque Go Green Crystal Nail File 5 1/2 inches,  $7
 (Acid etched so that the gritty texture lasts for years)
-Slanted Tweezer 3 7/8 inches,  $22
 (stainless steel, lifetime guarantee)
-Full Size Spatula with Spoon, 7 1/4 inches,  $10
-Mini Spatula with Spoon, 5 inches,  $10
-Thumb Palette 1" x 1 1/4" inches,  $12

-I was sent 2 Go Green Crystal Nail Files, 1 Slanted Tweezer, Mini Spatula, Full Size Spatula, and Thumb Plate for reviewing purposes.
-This video is not sponsored.  I solely chose to review this in a video format.
-I am afflilated with LaVaque Professional through their affiliate program.  Anyone can join their affiliated program but have to be approved before any commission can be made.

If you're interested in LaVaque products, please visit their website!  A lot of professionals use LaVaque products its not just me :))  They are genuinely a wholesome, quality company :))

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mint Blossom Eyes

Mint Blossom Eyes
Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hi there!  For some reason I just feel so happy today lol.  I don't know why.  I think it's because I saw a photo collage of some mint color make up and it just made my day.  Mint is my new found favorite color this year.  It's so refreshing to look at and it's different!  Here, you need to see what I'm talking about:

See???  It's sooo refreshing!!!  

So, after I saw this photo, I was inspired.  I wanted to create like a 'splash' of mint look and I specifically hunted down a mint color eyeliner just to achieve this.  The liner that I got is called Blue Milk and it's from Lime Crime.  OMG this liner is so rich and milky!  It's perfect for what I've been looking for.

And if you're wondering what all the products are in that photo, here's the list:

Shu Uemura eye shadow in Green 450
Stargazer False eyelashes
Lime Crime lipstick
Essence Blossoms eyeliner
Belli Skin Smoothing Exfoliator
Mally Liquid Light eye colour
Essy Mint Candy Apple nail polish

Now, on to my creation.  Below are the tools I used and also photos and videos :)

List of items:
-NYX HD Eye Shadow Base
-Too Faced Natural At Night Palette
-Lime Crime Uniliner in Blue Milk
-KATE Gel Eyeliner in BK1
-Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Trollop
-Fairy Drop Mascara
-BH Cosmetics Blus & Contour Palette

To enlarge any photo, simply click on it!

Screen shot of my videos while editing.

Videos in ENGLISH

Video in Thai

imPRESS Press-On Manicure Review

Style:  Stiletto
Retails for:  $5.99 - $7.99

Disclaimer: I was selected to receive this product, in addition to other product from the Mom VoxBox complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.  

I received this from the Influenster Mom VoxBox a few days ago and was really excited to try this out.  The color is something that I probably wouldn't choose, because it was not deep red, but more like dark brown.  My hands are already dark and has a yellow tint.  So this didn't really look good on me at all.  It made my hands even darker.

So basically there are 24 nails in 12 sizes.  2 of each size so that it fits your nails.  I chose the ones that fits the best to my own and started to wipe my nail bed with the alcohol cloth provided.  This dries your nails and prepares them for application.  There is adhesive on the back of these plastic nails so that it clings on to your nails firmly.  So you just peel the plastic tab off before you stick it on your nails.  And after that you just press firmly.  The nails fitted really nice and was not long.  It was thick though.  

What I didn't like about the imPRESS was that it looked like it was clip on nails.  The adhesive was thick, so it didn't cover the part of my nail bed and my cuticles.  If I was touching my hair or something it would get caught in that part of my nail.  That's really not sanitized or good.  

The imPRESS is suppose to last up to 10 days.  I don't know how this could be because not only did it lift, it was not sturdy.  It was actually very bendable.  I didn't like it at all, so I peeled it all off after doing my right hand.  It's better just to paint your nails.  That will last longer than this.

I can understand though if someone wanted a quick manicure but didn't have waiting time then this would be okay to wear for a few hours.  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Influenster Mom VoxBox June 2012

Mom VoxBox June 2012

- 1 Ivory Bar Soap:  $4.27 for 10-pack bath size bars
- 1 DenTek Confort Clean(3 count) & 1 Fun Flossers (3 count):  $1.99 to $2.99 for full packs
- 1 Stash Tea Superfruits Tea Sampler & 2 sample packets of Nektar Sweetener:  $3.50 
- 1 Quaker Soft Baked Cookie:  $2.69 for box of 6
- 1 imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails:  $5.99 to $7.99
- *1 The Original Dish Drying Mat:  $4.99

*Some people got the Mat and others got a Dino Lingo Language Learning Programs for Kids DVD Demo.  It was based on demographics.
Unboxing Video

Click on any photo to enlarge!
I can't wait to throw these flossers in my travel bag!  They will be so convenient for trips, especially in flight!
The cookies were so yummy!  As soon as I got the box I ate them.  They were soft and chewy with just enough raisins.
 This Ivory soap will be nice.  As soon as I finish my soap up I'll be sure to use this!  
OMG!  NAILS!!  I'm so happy they included this for the mom box.  I can't wait to use this....maybe I'll put these on tonight and see how they work.  I'm really curious because I love nails!
 WOW!  I couldn't believe this was included!  I've been drying my dishes on kitchen cloths but never bothered to get an actual drying mat.  I'm glad I got this so I can use somethings that was meant for drying dishes instead of drying hands lol :)

TEA!!! When I opened the box it was full of aroma.  OMG I couldn't wait to try these out.  I picked the blueberry one first and it was sour....I didn't like it.  I was a little disappointed, but there's 5 more flavors to try out and love. I can't wait to see what the Nektar will taste like.  It says that that dry honey packet is equivalent to one spoon of honey.

Overall, I'm very happy I got the Mom VoxBox.  It's got a nice variety of items from household goods to toiletry, beauty and food.  Good combination!  Thank you Influenster!!!

This was my first box from Influenster.  I registered on their site I believe either in January or February.  I waited 3 months before they sent an email saying that I qualified for the Mom VoxBox.  Then I waited another 3 months to actually get the box in my hands.  So, it did take awhile.  Like half a year.

Disclaimer: I was selected to receive each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

In case you're unfamiliar about Influenster...
It is a free sampling program available to US residents only.  In order to qualify for VoxBoxes, you must take surveys to earn badges.  Once a badge is earned, you will be selected among other members of Influensters if you qualify for an upcomming VoxBox.  You should try to earn as many badges as you can, because this will give you a higher selected rate to get a VoxBox, but there are still other factors.  Influenster also selects participants based on demographics, and if you had a previous VoxBox.

Once you have been selected to participate in an upcoming VoxBox, you will be sent an email.  After that, you have to confirm with Influenster that you want to be a part of the next VoxBox.  They usually won't ship out the boxes until a month or up to 2 months later.

After you get your box, you have to "Check In" your VoxBox on their site and take a post-experience survey.  They really want your feedback and reviews so they know how people like the products.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

$500 IMATS LA 2012 Haul

IMATS LA 2012 Haul
June 23, 2012

Blog photos of the IMATS event + how to prepare for IMATS:

Here are photos of what I bought.  To enlarge, simply click on it!

Video in English

Video in Thai

List of items with IMATS prices:

-Cream Color Metallic Wheel in Copper, Gold, Silver  $12
-Shimmering Vision Interfrenz Palette  $45

Naked Cosmetics  50% OFF
-Twilight  $25
-Ebony  $25
2 stacks of 6 mineral shadows were $50, or 1 for $30.  They were originally $60 each stack of 6.

-Lait-Creme Concentre  $23

Lime Crime  40% OFF
-Uniliner in Lunar  $12
-Uniliner in Milk  $12
-China Doll Palette  $20
-Aquataenia Palette  $20

Violent Lips  50% OFF
-Strawberry Lemonade Glitteratti Collection  $7
-Word Lips in Poison  FREE  (buy any get one world lips free)

Nuturing Force
Blot Out Offensive Shine + Oil Control  $20

BH Cosmetics  
-6 Color Palette Contour & Blush  $10
-10 Color Palette Camouflage Concealer  $9
-Free Goody Bag (Flirt eyelashes, gel eyeliner in Lake, angled brush, copper crush gloss, nude lip liner)

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 
-Lip Tar in Cha Cha  $10 
-Lip Tar in Trollop   $10  

Urban Decay  40% OFF
-Naked Palette  $30
-Naked 2 Palette  $30

Model In A Bottle 
-Original Set  $35
Contains:  1 Make up Setting Spray Matte Finish, Super Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Non-Oily, Eyelash Curler, Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer, 2 piece stippling brush set

Wolfe Face Art & FX
Buy 4 get 1 Free
I bought these glitters at $2 each.  No idea of how much the original prices were or the names of the colors.  They are not to be used on the eye area though.  

Naimie's Beauty Center 
-Two Faced  40 % OFF
-Natural At Night Palette  $21.60 (There was tax!!)
-Tinted Beauty Balm in Beach Glow  $19.20

Beauty So Clean
Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist  $20

LA Splash Cosmetics
-Smudge Proof Mascara  in Turtle Green  $1
-Smudge Proof Mascara  in Tectonic Glitz  $1
-Smudge Proof Mascara in Bohemian Night  $1
-Lip Gloss in Hush  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Chameleon  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Northern Light  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Sparkling Crystalina  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Tetonic Glitz  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Tetonic Glitz  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Beach (green)  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Baja Sand  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Gold Treasure  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Pink Diamonds  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Silver Waves  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Playa  $1
-Glitter Splash in Pineapple Coral  $1
-Glitter Splash in Malibu Beach (red gold)  $1
-Eye Shadow in Purple Oasis  $1
-Eye Shadow in Abyss  $1
-Eye Shadow in Tropic Lime  $1
There were 2 buckets at their booth filled with eye shadow, liners, mascaras, and glitters that were 10 for $10.  So I bought 10 liquid items and 10 powder items.  I'm not sure if these were discontinued items or clearance. 

Crown Brushes 
-Mixing Palette  $3
-Spatula  $3
-C250-0  $2
-C250-0  $2
-*C419  Angle Blender  $3
-*Small Blending Brush with black handle  $2
-*Thick Eyeshadow Brush with pink handle $4
-*Thick Blending Brush with pink handle  $4
-*Angle Blender with pink handle $4
* I don't remember the prices to these, but I know I didn't buy anything over $4 and my total came out to be $27.

Coastal Scents
-4 eye shadow brush set  FREE
I got a free brush set at Coastal Scents booth because they had a game you can play and win items

One Dollar Eyelashes
-Box of 10 pair natural criss cross lashes  FREE
-Eyelash case + glue  FREE
I got a goodie bag from FJ!  She was so sweet and so talented.  Please check her YouTube page at TheRealFJ.  Thank you FJ!!

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