Monday, April 30, 2012

Tour My Bathroom!

Since I've done a make up collection tour, I thought I would do a bathroom tour.  I do all my skin care routine there and it's just as important as makeup.  

I don't use everything everyday.  I do use my Perricone MD skin care twice daily though.  It's a must!  The other stuff are just occasional.  

Video will be up tomorrow!

Click on the photos to make them LARGER!

My Perricone MD Skin Care (Left)/My Lotions and hand creams (Right)

I don't always use my masks or scrubs, but I try to do it once a week (Left)/My hair care stuff (Right)

A lot of my mini samples for day & night creams (Left)/My tooth brush & shower gels (Right)

I can't live without leave in conditioners...and some body shimmer! (Left)/A few of my contact lens (Right)

Oh and we can't leave out the cleansers (Left)/Angled View!! (Right)

Hahah more angled views (Left)/ These are close ups in case someone was curious (Right)

Below are photos from my drawers and cabinet
I keep my facial masks, sanitary napkins, cotton balls & Qtips, and some of my perfumes here

My hair stuff.  It's rather simple.  Just hair dryer, flat iron, and curler

I keep random stuff in here lol

My Mother's Day Cards (May 13th, 2012)

Two weeks left!!   Mother's Day this year is on the 13th and I'm all prepared.  I went in Hallmark today and got 2 cards.  One for my own mom, and the other is for my mom-in-law.  I can't wait to give them these!  I always go all out when it comes to personal holidays such as Bday and M-day.  Mother's are important, you only get one biological on per life :)

I bought these from Hallmark for $4.79 each.

I usually buy Up With Paper ($6-$8), but it's so hard to find these days (I usually buy them from Barnes & Noble).  I don't like giving out plain cards because I feel like half of the present is the presentation.  Therefore I always get cards that will have an "OH WOW" reaction when the person receiving it sees it :)

How cool is this??  It's a whole 3d card that looks just like flowers in a pot!
This one pops out into a whole garden!  Sooo pretty!!

Sample Shop Update - Sircle Samples

April 30th
Sircle Samples has updated their Sample Shop! is a free sampling service where you earn virtual currency by participating within their site to purchase samples from their sample shop.  Some common ways to earn your virtual currency, or coins, are reviewing your purchased products, and referring friends.  Samples range from high end names to new small businesses.

If you're curious about Sircle Samples, I wrote a blog post + intro video on it here:



Forever 21 Makeup Haul ($1.00 & $1.80 items) - Spring 2012

Every item is from the love & beauty collection by Forever21

Eyeshadows ($1.00 or 30 Baht) 2g:
-Twilight Mauve
-Burnished Silver
-Burnished Gold
You can get this at Forever21 online at:

Blush ($1.80 or 55 Baht) 4.45g:
-Calypso Coral 
-Seashell Pink
You can get this at Forever21 online at:

Eyeshadow Block ($1.80 or 55 Baht) 3.05g:
You can get this at Forever21 online at:

I purchased this from the Lakewood Mall in Lakewood, CA.  This is a huge Forever21 and they have a lot of makeup there.  I recommend not going during the weekend because it is packed and you'll wait forever in line.  All of the makeup that you see in this video were made in Taiwan.

Here are the haul videos in both Thai and English :)

This video is in Thai

This video is in ENG

I bought 2 of each single pan eye shadow except the black, they only had one.  


The blushes are so pretty!

I didn't open the eye shadow blocks because I'm going to give those away so I didn't want to open them.

Myglam May 2012 Bag Sneak Peak!

Myglam has just opened up for new subscriptions in time for the May 2012 bag.  They released this sneak peak photo today.  This month's theme is "love" and it looks like the bag is metallic with lip prints all over.  And I see lipstick...I wonder what brand we're getting :))

Second Sneak Peak (May 1, 2012)
This is so obvious lol.  It's Philosophy Love Sweet Love perfume sample.

Myglam also posted this up because some ppl guessed what the first clue was yesterday.  It's a Studio Gear Cosmetics Lipstick (They are $15 each).  You can find it here on their official page:

May 2, 2012  Sneak Peak 1 minute ago!! It's 4:11PM California time.  OMG!! We're getting 2 more brushes!! Looks like a flat eye shadow brush and the other one a round tip brush for blending.  Or it could be a concealer brush.....  I LOVE BRUSHES!!!

Sneak Peak #4 May 3rd, 2012
This is obviously 3d nail stickers.  I have tons of these already and not looking forward to another one...:(

Please LIKE my photo on Myglam's Urban Decay Contest!  The more likes I get, the better chance I win!
This is the photo I submitted!  Contest ends May 5, 2012
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