Monday, April 30, 2012

Forever 21 Makeup Haul ($1.00 & $1.80 items) - Spring 2012

Every item is from the love & beauty collection by Forever21

Eyeshadows ($1.00 or 30 Baht) 2g:
-Twilight Mauve
-Burnished Silver
-Burnished Gold
You can get this at Forever21 online at:

Blush ($1.80 or 55 Baht) 4.45g:
-Calypso Coral 
-Seashell Pink
You can get this at Forever21 online at:

Eyeshadow Block ($1.80 or 55 Baht) 3.05g:
You can get this at Forever21 online at:

I purchased this from the Lakewood Mall in Lakewood, CA.  This is a huge Forever21 and they have a lot of makeup there.  I recommend not going during the weekend because it is packed and you'll wait forever in line.  All of the makeup that you see in this video were made in Taiwan.

Here are the haul videos in both Thai and English :)

This video is in Thai

This video is in ENG

I bought 2 of each single pan eye shadow except the black, they only had one.  


The blushes are so pretty!

I didn't open the eye shadow blocks because I'm going to give those away so I didn't want to open them.

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