Monday, April 30, 2012

Myglam May 2012 Bag Sneak Peak!

Myglam has just opened up for new subscriptions in time for the May 2012 bag.  They released this sneak peak photo today.  This month's theme is "love" and it looks like the bag is metallic with lip prints all over.  And I see lipstick...I wonder what brand we're getting :))

Second Sneak Peak (May 1, 2012)
This is so obvious lol.  It's Philosophy Love Sweet Love perfume sample.

Myglam also posted this up because some ppl guessed what the first clue was yesterday.  It's a Studio Gear Cosmetics Lipstick (They are $15 each).  You can find it here on their official page:

May 2, 2012  Sneak Peak 1 minute ago!! It's 4:11PM California time.  OMG!! We're getting 2 more brushes!! Looks like a flat eye shadow brush and the other one a round tip brush for blending.  Or it could be a concealer brush.....  I LOVE BRUSHES!!!

Sneak Peak #4 May 3rd, 2012
This is obviously 3d nail stickers.  I have tons of these already and not looking forward to another one...:(

Please LIKE my photo on Myglam's Urban Decay Contest!  The more likes I get, the better chance I win!
This is the photo I submitted!  Contest ends May 5, 2012

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