IMATS Los Angeles 
International Makeup Artist Trade Show
June 23 & 24, 2012

I went to IMATS today!!!  I was really excited and happy to be able to attend because this is my first time and I've been very curious about what it was going to be like.  I was so glad I went, because the deals were too good to be true.  Almost every booth had sales going on up to 50%.  It was so hard to resist!!

I got there around 7ish AM and the line was wrapped around half of the building.  This year, everyone had to wait in 3 lines before being able to get in.  The first line was to wait to get in the door and check in.  The second was checking in with your ticket and ID, and the third was to wait before the doors to the room where everything was sold opened.  I think it took me a little over an hour before I got in and started shopping.

I went through every booth about 3 or 4 times each, within 3 hours or so time.  I left around 12PM.  I thought that was really good timing since I had spent nearly every penny I brought with me and got everything I guessed I wanted.  I didn't need anything there, and I didn't make a list of the things that I wanted.  I just bought whatever caught my eye and was a good deal to me.  

I brought a total of $500 in cash to spend for this event.  About half way of the cash, I didn't really feel like I wanted anything else.  I was actually getting bored.  But of course, I figured I had to spend it because I'll be grateful later lol :))  

Here's a list of all the products I purchased.  Photos are below and to enlarge them just simply click on any.

-Cream Color Metallic Wheel in Copper, Gold, Silver  $12
-Shimmering Vision Interfrenz Palette  $45

Naked Cosmetics  50% OFF
-Twilight  $60  $25
-Ebony  $60  $25
2 stacks of 6 mineral shadows were $50, or 1 for $30.  They were originally $60 each stack of 6.

-Lait-Creme Concentre  $23

Lime Crime  40% OFF
-Uniliner in Lunar  $12
-Uniliner in Milk  $12
-China Doll Palette  $34  $20
-Aquataenia Palette  $34  $20

Violent Lips  50% OFF
-Strawberry Lemonade Glitteratti Collection  $14  $7
-Word Lips in Poison  FREE  (buy any get one world lips free)

Nuturing Force
Blot Out Offensive Shine + Oil Control  $25  $20

BH Cosmetics  
-6 Color Palette Contour & Blush  $16.95  $10
-10 Color Palette Camouflage Concealer  $16.95  $9
-Free Goody Bag (Flirt eyelashes, gel eyeliner in Lake, angled brush, copper crush gloss, nude lip liner)

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 
-Lip Tar in Cha Cha  $13  $10 
-Lip Tar in Trollop    $13  $10  

Urban Decay  40% OFF
-Naked Palette  $50  $30
-Naked 2 Palette  $50  $30

Model In A Bottle 
-Original Set  $35
Contains:  1 Make up Setting Spray Matte Finish, Super Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Non-Oily, Eyelash Curler, Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer, 2 piece stippling brush set

Wolfe Face Art & FX
Buy 4 get 1 Free
I bought these glitters at $2 each.  No idea of how much the original prices were or the names of the colors.  They are not to be used on the eye area though.  

Naimie's Beauty Center 
-Two Faced  40 % OFF
-Natural At Night Palette  $36  $21.60 (There was tax!!)
-Tinted Beauty Balm in Beach Glow  $32  $19.20

Beauty So Clean
Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist  $20

LA Splash Cosmetics
-Smudge Proof Mascara  in Turtle Green  $1
-Smudge Proof Mascara  in Tectonic Glitz  $1
-Smudge Proof Mascara in Bohemian Night  $1
-Lip Gloss in Hush  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Chameleon  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Northern Light  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Sparkling Crystalina  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Tetonic Glitz  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Tetonic Glitz  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Beach (green)  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Baja Sand  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Gold Treasure  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Pink Diamonds  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Silver Waves  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Playa  $1
-Glitter Splash in Pineapple Coral  $1
-Glitter Splash in Malibu Beach (red gold)  $1
-Eye Shadow in Purple Oasis  $1
-Eye Shadow in Abyss  $1
-Eye Shadow in Tropic Lime  $1
There were 2 buckets at their booth filled with eye shadow, liners, mascaras, and glitters that were 10 for $10.  So I bought 10 liquid items and 10 powder items.  I'm not sure if these were discontinued items or clearance. 

Crown Brushes 
-Mixing Palette  $3
-Spatula  $3
-C250-0  $2
-C250-0  $2
-*C419  Angle Blender  $3
-*Small Blending Brush with black handle  $2
-*Thick Eyeshadow Brush with pink handle $4
-*Thick Blending Brush with pink handle  $4
-*Angle Blender with pink handle $4
* I don't remember the prices to these, but I know I didn't buy anything over $4 and my total came out to be $27.

Coastal Scents
-4 eye shadow brush set  FREE
I got a free brush set at Coastal Scents booth because they had a game you can play and win items

One Dollar Eyelashes
-Box of 10 pair natural criss cross lashes  FREE
-Eyelash case + glue  FREE
I got a goodie bag from FJ!  She was so sweet and so talented.  Please check her YouTube page at TheRealFJ.  Thank you FJ!! 

My Haul

Haul video in English

Haul video in Thai

Overall, my favorite purchase is the Kryolan Palette.  It's so bright and pigmented.  I've never owned anything this beautiful and such good quality.  It was the most expensive one item that I bought, but it was so worth it.  The lady at the booth was so nice too, so that was what sealed the deal for me.  Good product, exactly what I wanted, good price, and great customer care.  Kryolan gets A+ from me!

For me, all of the booths that I went to were had really good customer service.  They were either eager to help, or were quick to get my orders.  Some booths were rude too.  The booth that I got my Beauty So Clean spray were not that nice.  The girl that was demonstrating was okay to me, but the rest were rude.  They took my money and didn't bother with much else.  I even had to ask for a bag.  They did give me a note card that said they were having a giveaway at 1pm.  It was like a 'oh, sorry for being rude' gift.  Maybe they were tired.  I don't know.  

The rudest booths of all was Vanity Mark Cosmetics.  There were about 4 sales people at their booth.  3 of them were huddled together and talking while the 4th was off to the side scouting out customers.  They had bowls of flat rate priced items that were so cheap;  $3, $4, $5, etc.  I went up there and started picking things up without much thought but just wanting to try it out.  Then after awhile another lady comes up and the sales person that was scouting out customer said HEY to her.  She looked confused but said hi back.  I didn't even know, so I said HI to the scouting lady (who was only inches from me).  I found out she was greeting a new customer and not me.  No one said anything to me while I was there and I was the only person at their booth.  So I just said I'll come back later.  And after I left she gave me a dirty look because I didn't buy anything.  They just lost a customer.  I believe that even if a product is half decent, you'll sell out just because you've said the right stuff.  Employees represent the company but sometimes they act like they don't want to be there and select which customers to say HI to.  Lol.  Well, they sure made a bad impression on me even if their products were the best of the best.  I wouldn't buy anything from anyone that's arrogant.
Below are the photos from my camera of the booths at the show
(if you save or use any of my photos, please link back to my blog and give me credit)
Photos from KungSuayJung 


How To Prepare For An IMATS Event

Plan Ahead
If you want to attend the IMATS for next year, you should plan out your trip.  Planning early never hurts.  From money, shopping list, transportation, to your budget.  

Go to the IMATS website and look at the exhibitor's list.  Make sure you're in the right city page.  Usually they will be a different color so you'll know if you're at the right place.

Look at what brands are going to be there.  I highly recommend that before you go, you should check out every brand to familiarize what they sell.  There will be names that you probably never heard of, or are little known to you.  Don't forget to look at the prices too.  Note on some favorite new discovered brands that you think you'd be interested in purchasing at the show and write them down.  If they're sold in stores like Sephora, you can go in and swatch products.

Shopping List
After you have an idea of what you think you want, make a list.  I found that making a list is useful before you go to the show, but sometimes can either slow you down or you end up abandoning it due to the chaotic of crowd.  Though having a list makes you more organized and you can easily track your budget.

MONEY - How much to bring
As to how much money you want to bring with you, that depends.  For me, I was someone that didn't need anything at all, but just wanted to stock up because of sales.  In addition to discover new brands that are high quality or I couldn't get it in the store.  

I brought $500 with me and I felt like I didn't even get much.  That's because I got stuff that was at $20, $30, $40 chunks.  I got most of the things I wanted, but I got so caught up with sales, I ended up getting things I didn't really want.  I spent almost all of it.  At the end of the day I had $20 left, and bought a hot dog with it for $3.  

If you bring...
$100 = you're not going to get much, but probably only the things you really wanted.  This amount doesn't go far.  Makeup palettes are usually $20 and up, and bottles of cleansers, sprays, etc., are $20 or more too. If you're going for brushes, you'll get a few because they are so cheap at $2, $3, $4, and up to $20 (some are more).
$200 = you'll get a little more stuff.  I think from watching YouTube haul videos, the average people bought was around this much.  People loved getting NYX because they are at wholesale prices at IMATS.  Almost everyone that did the haul video got the most at NYX.  With $200, I would spread out and try new products though.
$300 = with this much, you have a little more options.  I would get a few palettes, brushes, and some supplies like cleaners or base makeup.  This amount is enough for someone that is adventurous to try new items without thinking much about the price.
$400 = this is a good amount to take with you.  You're safe with getting a lot of things that you want or even don't want if you're just shopping for small make up items.  You could probably get a air brush kit too with this budget.  
$500 = I didn't realized when I took this that this is probably a lot.  But it is.  $500 will get you a lot of stuff and you can be careless with your money.  Just look at all the stuff I bought for $500.  I guess you can say its a lot.  I didn't think it was, but that's just my opinion.
$500 or up to $100 = WOW.  If you're going to take this much money, bring a backpack to carry all of it!!  You can definitely be careless and blow on anything you wanted.  You've got the Midas touch with this much!!  

Some booths will take cash only, and some will take cards only.  Just be prepared to have money at hand and in your card.  I took all my $500 in cash because I didn't want to be bothered by waiting for my card to process.  You can't track your purchase if you use cash, but it does give you the freedom to move quicker to the next booth.

What to wear to IMATS
This was not an event where I was meeting anyone or taking photos of myself.  I went solely to shop and get my stuff.  My intentions were not to meet people or to be dressed up.  I know this isn't the case for most people.  It's a really good opportunity to meet makeup gurus from YouTube and also big names in the makeup industry.

If you're going to IMATS just to shop....
-you don't need to dress to impress if you just want to hurry and get your shopping done.  I wore no makeup, slacks, and a hoodie.  My hair was not made, and I had my most useful shoulder bag with me.  I also wore sneakers because I wanted my feet to be comfortable.  Even when I came home, they were aching!  I walked a lot!

If you're going to IMATS to shop, take pictures, meet people, attend classes, etc....
-you should wear something that's nice according to you.  I would stick to professional casual, and wear nice comfortable shoes because you'll be walking all day.  I wouldn't wear any statement makeup or revealing clothing.  This is just my recommendations though, you do what you want.  Everyone there is not going to be judgmental because it's a makeup show, you can express yourself.

What to bring to IMATS
If you're going to IMATS just to shop....
-I recommend bringing either a comfortable shoulder bag, or a backpack to carry all your stuff.  I'm sure if you're going there to just shop, you're bringing a good amount of money.  And after spending all that money, you'll have a lot of stuff to carry.  A backpack comes in handy because you'll have your hands free to swatch, touch things, take photos, etc.
-Bring your camera, camcorder, wallet, sanitary wipes, a small bottle of water, cell phone, notepad and pen.  

If you're going to IMATS to shop, take pictures, meet people, attend classes, etc....
-I recommend bringing a shoulder bag versus a purse.  It's just easier to store your stuff and be out of your way.  In your shoulder bag, you should carry your portfolio if you are attending the Afterglow or a Press event.  If you're going to the Pro Lounge I'm sure you already know what to expect and bring with you.  In addition, bring your camera, camcorder, wallet, sanitary wipes, a small bottle of water, cell phone, notepad and pen. 

FYI in regards to percentage off according to booths 

Benefit  20% OFF
BH Cosmetics  40% OFF (not sure)
Lime Crime  40% OFF
MAC  40%  OFF
Make Up For Ever  40%  OFF
Naime's  40% OFF most items
Naked Cosmetics  50% OFF
Obssessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC)  around 20%, could be flat prices too
Sigma Brushes  15% OFF
Urban Decay  40% OFF
Violent Lips 50%  OFF + buy 1 get one free!

****checklist not complete yet.  You can check back later!


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