Monday, April 30, 2012

My Mother's Day Cards (May 13th, 2012)

Two weeks left!!   Mother's Day this year is on the 13th and I'm all prepared.  I went in Hallmark today and got 2 cards.  One for my own mom, and the other is for my mom-in-law.  I can't wait to give them these!  I always go all out when it comes to personal holidays such as Bday and M-day.  Mother's are important, you only get one biological on per life :)

I bought these from Hallmark for $4.79 each.

I usually buy Up With Paper ($6-$8), but it's so hard to find these days (I usually buy them from Barnes & Noble).  I don't like giving out plain cards because I feel like half of the present is the presentation.  Therefore I always get cards that will have an "OH WOW" reaction when the person receiving it sees it :)

How cool is this??  It's a whole 3d card that looks just like flowers in a pot!
This one pops out into a whole garden!  Sooo pretty!!

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