Monday, April 30, 2012

Tour My Bathroom!

Since I've done a make up collection tour, I thought I would do a bathroom tour.  I do all my skin care routine there and it's just as important as makeup.  

I don't use everything everyday.  I do use my Perricone MD skin care twice daily though.  It's a must!  The other stuff are just occasional.  

Video will be up tomorrow!

Click on the photos to make them LARGER!

My Perricone MD Skin Care (Left)/My Lotions and hand creams (Right)

I don't always use my masks or scrubs, but I try to do it once a week (Left)/My hair care stuff (Right)

A lot of my mini samples for day & night creams (Left)/My tooth brush & shower gels (Right)

I can't live without leave in conditioners...and some body shimmer! (Left)/A few of my contact lens (Right)

Oh and we can't leave out the cleansers (Left)/Angled View!! (Right)

Hahah more angled views (Left)/ These are close ups in case someone was curious (Right)

Below are photos from my drawers and cabinet
I keep my facial masks, sanitary napkins, cotton balls & Qtips, and some of my perfumes here

My hair stuff.  It's rather simple.  Just hair dryer, flat iron, and curler

I keep random stuff in here lol

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