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LaVaque Crystal Nail Files

LaVaque Professional
Crystal Nail Files, Tweezers, Spatulas & Thumb Plate
Product Reviews

This post has some opinion of my own in regards to LaVaque Professional products, as well as facts and my experience after testing out some items.

LaVaque Professional Crystal Nail Files, $7 for 5 1/2 inches
There are several types of nail files available for purchase these days.  The common ones are emery boards, ceramic, glass, metal files, and metal coated with sapphire (or corundum).  Crystal nail files have recently became available and are the best in quality.  They are smoother with an even surface and does not splinter your nails when you file them.  All are acid etched for a gritty texture.

You may not realize that having a certain type of nail file may be important, but if you ever get a hold of some crystal files, you'll know the difference.  Your nails will have a cleaner and smoother feel.  These files also helps prevent chipping and are gentle on brittle nails.

I was first introduced to crystal nail files a few months ago when I had the opportunity to choose one as a sample from my Beauty Army subscription service.  Just the name "crystal nail file" was interesting enough.  I didn't think there would be anything special about it, but I wanted to try it just because I could and the name was fancy.  The file that was a sample option was from LaVaque Professional.

When I got the file, I have never used anything else.  They truly live up to their reputation.  It gave my nail a smooth clean cut edge every time I used it.  There were no ripping or shredding as I was using it either.  All you need is one and you're good for a long long time.  They say that it's suppose to last forever.  Forever is a pretty long time, so I'm willing to wait that long :)

Tweezers, starting at $22
There are quite a few variety of tweezers offered on LaVaque's website.  Some have real diamonds and other's are just the plain stainless steel.  The have slanted, pointed, and even body waxing tweezers.  The grip is gentle, and the precision of the cut is very clean.  It's not too sharp to the point where it cuts your hair before plucking.  It firmly grips and does not hurt when you pluck off the hair.  I think its a very high quality product.  If you're looking for a good pair of tweezers and don't mind investing, I recommend these.  I've used the slanted one and I really like it.

The perks to these tweezers by LaVaque is that it's life time guarantee.  If your tweezers become dull or damaged in anyway, you can send it in and get it replaced free of charge.  This is really nice because if you buy just one, you won't have to buy another ever again.

Spatulas, $10
Spatulas are always good to have for scooping make up up and transferring it onto something else.  You could use it to mix your liquid make up, or even to depot.  I like that LaVaque's are stainless steel and won't ever rust.  They have a full size one and also a mini one for smaller make up pans.  Very useful to have!

Thumb Palette 1" x 1 1/4" inches,  $12
OMG!!! I love this!  I love how it fits easily over your figure and you can work at ease.  No more scooping make up back and forth.  With the spatula, I can mix my liquid make up onto my thumb palette and work quickly.  This is also nice for eyelash glue.  It's nice for anything really.  You just mix whatever you need and take it with you as you work right on your thumb.  BEST PRODUCT SINCE SLICED BREAD!

Please watch my video to hear my account on LaVaque Products.
*only in English.

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Products mentioned in video:
-LaVaque Go Green Crystal Nail File 5 1/2 inches,  $7
 (Acid etched so that the gritty texture lasts for years)
-Slanted Tweezer 3 7/8 inches,  $22
 (stainless steel, lifetime guarantee)
-Full Size Spatula with Spoon, 7 1/4 inches,  $10
-Mini Spatula with Spoon, 5 inches,  $10
-Thumb Palette 1" x 1 1/4" inches,  $12

-I was sent 2 Go Green Crystal Nail Files, 1 Slanted Tweezer, Mini Spatula, Full Size Spatula, and Thumb Plate for reviewing purposes.
-This video is not sponsored.  I solely chose to review this in a video format.
-I am afflilated with LaVaque Professional through their affiliate program.  Anyone can join their affiliated program but have to be approved before any commission can be made.

If you're interested in LaVaque products, please visit their website!  A lot of professionals use LaVaque products its not just me :))  They are genuinely a wholesome, quality company :))

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