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$500 IMATS LA 2012 Haul

IMATS LA 2012 Haul
June 23, 2012

Blog photos of the IMATS event + how to prepare for IMATS:

Here are photos of what I bought.  To enlarge, simply click on it!

Video in English

Video in Thai

List of items with IMATS prices:

-Cream Color Metallic Wheel in Copper, Gold, Silver  $12
-Shimmering Vision Interfrenz Palette  $45

Naked Cosmetics  50% OFF
-Twilight  $25
-Ebony  $25
2 stacks of 6 mineral shadows were $50, or 1 for $30.  They were originally $60 each stack of 6.

-Lait-Creme Concentre  $23

Lime Crime  40% OFF
-Uniliner in Lunar  $12
-Uniliner in Milk  $12
-China Doll Palette  $20
-Aquataenia Palette  $20

Violent Lips  50% OFF
-Strawberry Lemonade Glitteratti Collection  $7
-Word Lips in Poison  FREE  (buy any get one world lips free)

Nuturing Force
Blot Out Offensive Shine + Oil Control  $20

BH Cosmetics  
-6 Color Palette Contour & Blush  $10
-10 Color Palette Camouflage Concealer  $9
-Free Goody Bag (Flirt eyelashes, gel eyeliner in Lake, angled brush, copper crush gloss, nude lip liner)

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 
-Lip Tar in Cha Cha  $10 
-Lip Tar in Trollop   $10  

Urban Decay  40% OFF
-Naked Palette  $30
-Naked 2 Palette  $30

Model In A Bottle 
-Original Set  $35
Contains:  1 Make up Setting Spray Matte Finish, Super Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Non-Oily, Eyelash Curler, Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer, 2 piece stippling brush set

Wolfe Face Art & FX
Buy 4 get 1 Free
I bought these glitters at $2 each.  No idea of how much the original prices were or the names of the colors.  They are not to be used on the eye area though.  

Naimie's Beauty Center 
-Two Faced  40 % OFF
-Natural At Night Palette  $21.60 (There was tax!!)
-Tinted Beauty Balm in Beach Glow  $19.20

Beauty So Clean
Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist  $20

LA Splash Cosmetics
-Smudge Proof Mascara  in Turtle Green  $1
-Smudge Proof Mascara  in Tectonic Glitz  $1
-Smudge Proof Mascara in Bohemian Night  $1
-Lip Gloss in Hush  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Chameleon  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Northern Light  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Sparkling Crystalina  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Tetonic Glitz  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Tetonic Glitz  $1
-Liquid Eyeliner in Beach (green)  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Baja Sand  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Gold Treasure  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Pink Diamonds  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Silver Waves  $1
-Eye Sparkle in Playa  $1
-Glitter Splash in Pineapple Coral  $1
-Glitter Splash in Malibu Beach (red gold)  $1
-Eye Shadow in Purple Oasis  $1
-Eye Shadow in Abyss  $1
-Eye Shadow in Tropic Lime  $1
There were 2 buckets at their booth filled with eye shadow, liners, mascaras, and glitters that were 10 for $10.  So I bought 10 liquid items and 10 powder items.  I'm not sure if these were discontinued items or clearance. 

Crown Brushes 
-Mixing Palette  $3
-Spatula  $3
-C250-0  $2
-C250-0  $2
-*C419  Angle Blender  $3
-*Small Blending Brush with black handle  $2
-*Thick Eyeshadow Brush with pink handle $4
-*Thick Blending Brush with pink handle  $4
-*Angle Blender with pink handle $4
* I don't remember the prices to these, but I know I didn't buy anything over $4 and my total came out to be $27.

Coastal Scents
-4 eye shadow brush set  FREE
I got a free brush set at Coastal Scents booth because they had a game you can play and win items

One Dollar Eyelashes
-Box of 10 pair natural criss cross lashes  FREE
-Eyelash case + glue  FREE
I got a goodie bag from FJ!  She was so sweet and so talented.  Please check her YouTube page at TheRealFJ.  Thank you FJ!!


  1. LOVE IT! I'm sooo jealous at everyone who got to go to IMARS, there's always so many great deals :)


Thank you!

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