Monday, June 25, 2012

Influenster Mom VoxBox June 2012

Mom VoxBox June 2012

- 1 Ivory Bar Soap:  $4.27 for 10-pack bath size bars
- 1 DenTek Confort Clean(3 count) & 1 Fun Flossers (3 count):  $1.99 to $2.99 for full packs
- 1 Stash Tea Superfruits Tea Sampler & 2 sample packets of Nektar Sweetener:  $3.50 
- 1 Quaker Soft Baked Cookie:  $2.69 for box of 6
- 1 imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails:  $5.99 to $7.99
- *1 The Original Dish Drying Mat:  $4.99

*Some people got the Mat and others got a Dino Lingo Language Learning Programs for Kids DVD Demo.  It was based on demographics.
Unboxing Video

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I can't wait to throw these flossers in my travel bag!  They will be so convenient for trips, especially in flight!
The cookies were so yummy!  As soon as I got the box I ate them.  They were soft and chewy with just enough raisins.
 This Ivory soap will be nice.  As soon as I finish my soap up I'll be sure to use this!  
OMG!  NAILS!!  I'm so happy they included this for the mom box.  I can't wait to use this....maybe I'll put these on tonight and see how they work.  I'm really curious because I love nails!
 WOW!  I couldn't believe this was included!  I've been drying my dishes on kitchen cloths but never bothered to get an actual drying mat.  I'm glad I got this so I can use somethings that was meant for drying dishes instead of drying hands lol :)

TEA!!! When I opened the box it was full of aroma.  OMG I couldn't wait to try these out.  I picked the blueberry one first and it was sour....I didn't like it.  I was a little disappointed, but there's 5 more flavors to try out and love. I can't wait to see what the Nektar will taste like.  It says that that dry honey packet is equivalent to one spoon of honey.

Overall, I'm very happy I got the Mom VoxBox.  It's got a nice variety of items from household goods to toiletry, beauty and food.  Good combination!  Thank you Influenster!!!

This was my first box from Influenster.  I registered on their site I believe either in January or February.  I waited 3 months before they sent an email saying that I qualified for the Mom VoxBox.  Then I waited another 3 months to actually get the box in my hands.  So, it did take awhile.  Like half a year.

Disclaimer: I was selected to receive each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

In case you're unfamiliar about Influenster...
It is a free sampling program available to US residents only.  In order to qualify for VoxBoxes, you must take surveys to earn badges.  Once a badge is earned, you will be selected among other members of Influensters if you qualify for an upcomming VoxBox.  You should try to earn as many badges as you can, because this will give you a higher selected rate to get a VoxBox, but there are still other factors.  Influenster also selects participants based on demographics, and if you had a previous VoxBox.

Once you have been selected to participate in an upcoming VoxBox, you will be sent an email.  After that, you have to confirm with Influenster that you want to be a part of the next VoxBox.  They usually won't ship out the boxes until a month or up to 2 months later.

After you get your box, you have to "Check In" your VoxBox on their site and take a post-experience survey.  They really want your feedback and reviews so they know how people like the products.


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