Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sigma Kabuki - F80 Flat Top Synthetic Brush (Review in Thai)

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I love the quality of the Kabuki F80 Brush!  It's tightly packed bristles make it easy for foundation or any liquid type make up to be applied evenly on the high points of your face.  It is recommended according to the brush's description, for flat surfaces such as forehead, cheeks, etc.

This brush was sent to me as a welcome gift from Sigma Beauty.  I gave my honest opinion about what I think of the item that was sent to me.  If I didn't believe in it, I wouldn't even bother to mention it in a video :)

I would like to thank you Jennifer from Sigma Beauty for contacting me and sending me this brush for review.  I love Sigma's customer service and most importantly, their products!

Sigma does ship worldwide so keep in mind, if you would like to order from your country, you can check the shipping prices to be sure of the final cost.  For Thailand, I checked my hometown, Phitsanulok, and shipping for a $60 (2,000 Baht) shopping basket, was around $17 (530 Baht).  I don't think that this is an outrageous shipping fee at all.  It is an international shipment so it will cost something, but this is worth it for real quality brushes/makeup.  I highly recommend it!

Almost every make up you have needs something to apply it to your face.  Eye shadows, concealer, powder, etc. ...they have to have brushes for you to be able to why not invest in the tools that help you beautify yourself before the start of your day? ♥

If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment below!  In Thai, or English it doesn't matter :))

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