Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baviphat Super Girl All in One BB Collagen (Review in Thai)

This is one of the many BB creams that Baviphat came out with.  Baviphat is a korean beauty brand that is sold all across Asia.  I got a hold of this one while in Thailand.  I wanted to try out Baviphat a long time, and this Super Girl All in One BB Collagen was the only one that I bought.  It was not because I chose it, but because it was convenient for me to purchase.  If I could I think I would buy all of Baviphat's creams.  They are not expensive and I really like how light this one feels on my face.  It was the first thing that I noticed after I started using it.  

I did find a website that sells this.  You can also get this on eBay too.  Just search the title in the search box.  

The website I found is at:

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