Wednesday, March 7, 2012

แต่งหน้า: ใส่ขนตาปลอมขนนก Makeup With Pheasant Feather Lashes

So yesterday I came up with this look that was appropriate for the lashes that I was going to use.  I found these pheasant feather lashes at a beauty store while I was visiting Thailand a few weeks ago.  I love them.  They were the cheapest I've ever seen around, and the quality is not at all bad.  The band of the lashes were really soft, but they were also thick.  Well, I guess they have to be thick since they need to be strong to bond the feathers.  I have to say, after wearing it for a about an hour, my lids did feel droopy and heavy, making my eyes look tired and sleepy.  I think that they are exquisite to wear for a show, Halloween, etc., but you do have to be prepared to deal with the heaviness it also brings.  

Anyway, this makeup that I came up with was to compliment the lashes.  I used a hue of gold, pink, and purple since it cuts well with the brown feathers.  You can see the step by step below as pictured from left to right.  I'm going to leave out the names and brands of the products since I feel that its not really necessarily.  Everyone has different products at home anyway.   

And here is the video tutorial to this look:

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