Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sephora March 2012 Orders

I often go to Sephora's website to look at their sales and see what I can find.  Today I found my favorite cleanser on sale from $35 to $10.50.  There's no more to say lol.  I stocked up on 4 of them.

Since I wanted free shipping, I had to get something else to make my total $50 to qualify.  I choose my favorite lashes :)  I got the other types in December, and so I decided to go for the blossom ones since I don't have those yet.  They are so royal.

The sample section was really nice.  There were a variety of things to choose from including a mini deluxe sample BB cream from Dior...which I had to choose.

The rewards page didn't have anything I liked.  So I opted out.

I also added this promotion code to my order.  So there was no point in wasting my 500 points on the bare escentuals kit when I could get basically 3/5 things for free :)

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