Friday, April 27, 2012

Daiso Japan Makeup Haul (Everything $1.50)

I went in Daiso Japan today and got all this makeup and lashes!  I'm so happy and excited to try out my stuff.  I use to shop, and still do, at Daiso Japan in Thailand, and when I found out that it's in California, I had to go see.  The Daiso I went in is located in Torrence and it's huge.  The store is so nicely organized and it makes you want to buy everything.  It was clean, and like a gift shop store.  I will go back often.

I bought a some lower lashes because those are rare, and a must.  I chose natural because for lower lashes, you should not exaggerate and buy crazy criss cross or crazy type lashes.  I bought 2 blushes, lip gloss palette, eye shadow palette, and brown eye liner.  2 bags of chocolate, and a sakura garland to use as a head band in a future makeup tutorial.  I can't believe I got all this stuff!  Everything I got was $1.50 each.  I spent like $20 for all of this stuff.  Ridiculous.

-2 Bags of Tiramisu Chocolate ($1.50 each)
-Oil Blotting Paper for desk ($1.50)
-ellefar styling eyeshadow ($1.50)
-2 Candy Lip C Coconut and Strawberry ($1.50 each)
-False Lower eyelashes dolly type and natural type ($1.50 each)
-Eyelash Voluminous type 11 ($1.50)
-Everblinena Cosmetic Liquid Liner Brown ($1.50)
-Sakura Garland 120 cm/47 inches full length ($1.50)
-Seductive Cheek & Hi-light in Rose and Orange ($1.50 each)
-Claire's cosmetics pressed on eye shadow ($1.00)
-Icing Eye Shadow Duo ($3.75 each)
-Icing Eye Shadow Ombre Quad ($3.75 each)
-Diamond Lashes in Angel ($14.99)

There was a mall next to Daiso, so I stopped there and got the Icing and Claire's products.  I don't remember the name of the mall...sorry.  I'm sure you can always catch good ridiculous deals at any Icing's and Claire's.

The Striking Multi-Peptide Serum was sent to me from  You can check them out on the link provided .  They are a free sampling service site.  You can watch my video here where I talk about them:

The Diamond Lashes were from Marukai Market Place.

Here's the haul video, it's in Thai.  Sorry I didn't make an English version.

My 2nd Daiso Japan Makeup Haul:

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