Thursday, April 19, 2012

แต่งหน้าเหมือน Jessie J Makeup + Union Jack Lips (in Thai)

Jessie J's makeup is pretty simple.  It's a smokey eye for day time wear with a hint of silver lining on the inner corners of her eyes.  The only thing that stands out in this look is her Union Jack Lips.  I personally love smokey eyes, and I think that it really compliments the lip tattoo :)

I purchased these temporary lip tattoos on eBay.  They okay and the only time you could really wear these is to like a photoshoot, kids party, themed parties, the club, and of course halloween.  I know that Violent Lips also makes these but seriously I don't think it's worth the price.  These tattoos are almost identical to the tattoos you put on your arm.  They are one time use, and won't last.  

Overall they lasted me a good full day 6-8 hours.  I drank, ate, talked, smiled...I did everything but kissed my fiance lol it lasted through all of that.  It started peeling though, but I did expected that to happen.  My lips were also very dry from the tattoos.  I had to put chapstick over my lips several times to hydrate.  

I removed these with my regular makeup remover that I would use for my eyes or face.  It was hard to come off completely, but after rubbing it several times to loosen the adhesive it came off pretty easy.  

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