Sunday, May 6, 2012

Forever21 Spring Collection 2nd Makeup Haul

Forever21 Spring Makeup Haul
-2nd Haul
Westminster Mall
-Westminster, CA

I went to the mall today and stopped by Forever21 to see what new items they had.  I found some makeup on the clearance rack and also some new palettes.  Depending on which Forever21 you happen to be in, they will sometimes have clearance or sale items.  Not all Forever21's will have the same clearance items as the others (at the same time), so your best bet is to just shop around at different ones.

I spent a little over $15 bucks on this haul, which is pretty good considering if I compare it to my beauty subs boxes like Myglam or Birchbox ($10 each box).  I rather get makeup in full size than small sample sizes of skin care products.  Ugh that makes me mad now that I think about it.  I rather save my money to buy makeup that are cheap and what I choose too...not random stuff they throw in these sub boxes lol

Anyway, here's the breakdown:

Love & Beauty by Forever21

Eyeshadow Single Pans $1.80 - Net weight: 0.1 oz/2.83 g (Spring 2012 Collection)
 Buy this online here:
-Dark Olive
-Dark Brown
-Dark Blue

Pretty to Perfection Palette $4.80 - Net weight: 10 x 0.4 oz/10 x 1.25 g (Spring 2012 Collection)
Buy this online here:

Love & Beauty by Forever21 Clearance Items
You can find these depending on which store you go into.  They are no longer online.
-Face Illuminator - Net weight: 10 x 1.67 oz/10 x 50g 
-Shimmer shadow in dark blue

From my past experience with cosmetics from Forever21, I would say that these are not bad at all.  I do recommend using eye shadow primer before you apply these shadows though.  They look pretty in the palette, but they are not as pigmented on your skin...nor do they stick well.  If you want your shadows to be vibrant and true to the palette color, you need a primer.  I would choose a cream primer versus a water base primer.

The cream primer that I always use is the NYX Cream Shadow Base in White.  That is the best cream eye shadow base I have ever used and I will use for the rest of my life.  The cream base is thick, but does not feel thick at all on your lids...also, this is the best choice to use for the "true to color from palette" as far as eye makeup primer.

If you have a water base primer such as the Urban Decay Primer Potion, that's fine too.  It works well, and will make your shadows stay put throughout the day.  This is the 2nd best choice to use in regards to how concentrated the pigment will look on your lids.

Here are videos both in English and Thai, and also photos:

Click on any photo to make them larger!

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