Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beauty Army June 2012 Selections

So it's about 11am right now in California time.  I was actually up earlier today and checked my inbox.  As soon as I saw my Beauty Army email stating that "Selections Begin Now", I immediately went to the site to choose my samples.  That email was sent a little over 4am by the way.

Of course I don't see what I like the instant it took me to my profile page, so I took the beauty quiz over and over and over.  It gave me a bunch of perfume samples no matter what.  I even clicked everything but the perfume samples and it still gave me perfume samples (4-6 each time!!).  It was as annoying as that last sentence.

Taking that quiz about 34 times made me eventually fall asleep right on the spot.  I didn't wake up again until about 30 mins ago.  So I tried again and mysteriously I think Beauty Army either added more sample selections or someone fixed this situation.  Apparently I wasn't the only one experiencing this perfume sample ordeal....

So here is the details and screen shot with my 6 selections:

-Indie Lee The Daily Moisturizing Oil (Vanilla Citrus) Sample Size 0.25 oz
-MAD Skincare Eye Defense Shielding Serum Sample Size 0.13 oz
-Weleda Refining Toner Sample Size 0.34 fl oz
-Eyecandy Coolers Sample Size 1 Set of Eye Coolers (Color Varies)
-NYX Le Chick Flick Mascara Full Size Sample
-Mystery Sample

 If you click the image below you can see the original 9 option selections.  I wasn't too thrilled about packet samples so I ignored them.

Initially I was really disappointed with my sample selections when there were all perfume samples.  But now I think I'll be okay.  I like all 6 of the things I have chosen this month.  They are all new products to me, but everything except the eye coolers and mystery sample were brands that I've already had in the past.  

Nevertheless, I'm happy about the full size mascara (Waterproof formula too! My fav!) and the eye coolers. I'm also very curious about the mystery sample.  That's a picture of a Dior Lip gloss.  If a Dior Lip gloss shows up in my box then I will be more than thrilled with Beauty Army.  As for the oil, eye serum and toner, I'm not as excited, but I will throw those in my traveling bag :)

I can't wait to get my kit this month!!!!!


  1. Lucky! I've tried countless times to get the mascara and mystery item to show up but had zero luck. I just picked a whole bunch of perfume samples so that they'll never recommend them again! LOL!

    1. nooo you shouldn't have done that!! its not worth 12 bucks to buy a bunch of 'free' perfume samples!! i took that test sooo many times i fell asleep and woke up again and did the quiz again. i'm sorry this months box wasn't what you wanted....:((


Thank you!

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