Monday, January 9, 2012



I bought these lashes from Sephora a few weeks ago.  They are so exquisite.  I've never seen anything as delicate and so beautiful.  The original price were $19 plus tax, but since this is a rather luxury item and not so much as a splurge, it went on sale.  I bought this for $9 plus an addition of 20% off through the January Sale Sephora was having.  

These lashes are made from paper and are laser cut to exact precision.  They are very delicate and very expensive.  I wanted these so bad and so long and not that I have them I don't want to use them lol.  They are too expensive for me to use just for once.  If you're careful though, you could probably get 2 or even 3 uses out of them.  They are also made very long in lenght, and you may need to cut them to fit to your lids.  However...I did use this for a tutorial which I will upload after I finish it.  

1.  Very delicate
2.  They are single use lashes
3.  Made from paper
4.  Sold for around $19 and up (look for sales!)
5.  Many designs to choose from on paperself's site

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