Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beauty Army Kit: March 2012

So after taking the beauty profile quiz over and and over again (probably 30 times) I thought that these selections were somewhat some things that I would want to try out.  I really wish they put more make up items as selections.  I'm getting tired of night cream, day cream, and moisturizers.  However, I do LOVE Beauty Army more than any other subscription services I've signed up for.  Just for the fact that I control my destiny lol.  I get to choose whatever I want and there are no surprises.  I like that a lot.  Because I hate waiting not knowing what I will get in the other subscription services like Birchbox or MyGlam Bag.  

Anyway, below is a screenshot of the items I could choose.  6 out of 9.   

And below is the screenshot of the items I confirmed:

  1. CellCeuticals CerActiveBY: CELLCEUTICALS  Sample Size: 0.33oz
  2. Sun FX Body Shimmer  Sample Size: 2.2oz
  3. Befine Night Cream  Sample Size: 0.5oz
  4. Indie Lee The Cleanser  Sample Size: 0.25
  5. BaborAnti-Stress Cream  Sample Size 0.5oz
  6. Cover FX EyePrep FX  Sample Size: 0.16oz

All in all, I really like the Body Shimmer, Indie Lee Cleanser, and Babor Anti-Stress Cream.  I could care less for the other stuff because they were things I didn't really want or need or want to try out.  So I guess 3/3 likes aren't that bad.  I can't wait for my box to come in!

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