Monday, March 12, 2012

Sindulge Consultation Via Text

Ami has joined the chat.
Ami: Hi P. How are you today?
Ami: i think there was a little confustion on your consult time
: omg i'm so sorry its' 1030 i didn't know!
Ami: I had you listed for 10am
: my computer says its 929
: yes i am so sorry ami
: i forgot to change the time
Ami: Yes, daylight savings was sunday so def change that!
Ami: =)
Ami: Glad we figured that out now!
: ugh!!! im sorry thank you so much
: we can make this really quick i won't take your time
Ami: So let's get started--can you start with a little background info on yourself..your age/skin tone/type?
: im 25
Ami: not a problem at all!
: im asian with tan skin/yellow tint
: and i have combination skin
: oily t-zones but dry cheeks
Ami: ok, good to know. and what you say your biggest beauty/skin care concerns would be?
: lately i've been concerned with my eye area and lips
: i don't have any good lip care products because my lips are always chapped
: and i use a lot of make up around my eyes
: i need a good eye cream
: i currently use perricone md hypoallergenic eye cream
: but im always willing to try other things too
Ami: We have a great eye cream in stock that I think you can benefit from
: oh okay
Ami: and for your lips, I'll see what we have, but I can't think of a specific product off the top of my head but I'll note that
: okay :)
Ami: Also, as a home tip..try scrubbing/exfoliating your lips while in the shower with a scrub
: i do
Ami: ok, great
Ami: so let me see if we have anything currently to send you for that
: with my toothbrush lightly but i need something aftwerwards to sooth it
: okay thank you :)
Ami: and what about makeup? do you like the more natural look or the more dramatic look?
: oh im dramatic
: i love fake lashes and heavy black eyes
Ami: great! I'll note that too
: :)
Ami: and what about nail colors?
: i don't like nail polish samples really
Ami: ok, good to know!
: but i would go for black or anything thats deep set colors
Ami: Well, great Permporn! I think i have enough for your first sample box unless you'd like to add anything else?
: how many samples do you guys give out in each box?
Ami: we send anywhere from 4-5 samples
Ami: depending on the needs for each client
: oh okay :) can i ask what products i will get? i don't like surprises :)
: you don't have to tell me the brand, just what they eye, lip, etc.
Ami: I can't tell you off the top of my head because I need to now go check our stock to see what I have but I can tell you I'm going to send you an eye cream from Young Blood, some hydrating eyeliners and probably a few other things I can try and find specifically for your eye area/lips
: great!!!
: im happy
Ami: great! Have a great day, and remember to push your clock up 1 hour =)
: i've been trying to find a service that caters to samples that i want...not random stuff and claim its high end brand
: thank you!!!
: i just did
Ami: you'll get an email notifying you when your box ships.
: thank you Ami you're the best
: im going to blog about sindulge :))
: okay bye!!! thank you!!
: i'll do a unboxing video on youtube too whenever i get my package!

So that was my consultation via text.  So far, I'm really loving Sindulge.  Even though I don't get to pick out my samples, they at least will give me what I want.  I can't complain about eyeliner and eye cream!  I can't wait to get my box and try it out!!!!  Im soooo excited.  More excited than birchbox and myglam!! lol

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