Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sindulge Sampling Service

So I recently ran across Sindulge Sampling Service.  They offer beauty consultation before you can receive your products.  This way, its personalized to your need.  Each month costs $12 and you get a few beauty products in your package.  I'm still not sure on what products they give you to sample, or how many.  There's not much information on their website.  However, they did have a coupon code JFKK or JKFF (can't remember) out and you can get the service for $0.01 the first month.  I thought this was a great deal since this is their first month and I want to be the first to try it out.  They said they will send out the beauty products as soon as you finish your consultation with a beauty expert.  You have to set up an appointment after you sign up and schedule a day.  You can either text or chat live on camera with them.  I can't wait to finish up my consultation and get the samples!  


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