Thursday, March 8, 2012

MyGlam March 2012 Bag Sneak Peak

Myglam has been giving out clues a few days now as to what is in their March 2012 bag.  These pictures are from their Facebook page and also from the product's official website page.


This is just another hair product from Keracolor.  This product is a leave in treatment, like a conditioner for color treated hair.  It has different types of treatment, including for natural hair without color.  

This is what the March makeup bag will look like.  It's so cute!

This picture is so blurred out, but from what I can tell, these products are Pur-lisse Lip Comfort and 3Lab's Perfect Cleansing Scrub.  A lip product and a face product.  

So far I'm not too thrilled.  I wish there would be more makeup product.  It seems that they have been on with skin products for the last 2 months.  

My glam also posted this photo a not too long ago and said that this would be something extra in this month's bag.  It pretty much looks like a cell phone case, or brush case.  Whatever it is, I am happy to get this extra treat :)

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