Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ทดลองมาสคาร่า Majolica Majorca "Lash King" Mascara (Review in Thai)

This Majolica Majorca Lash King mascara was released in February 2012.

As soon as it hit the shelves at Robinsons in Central, I snatched one just to try it out!  I knew I would love it and I was not wrong.  I tried it out and its got the most fibers I've ever seen in a mascara.  Not only is it full of fibers, it is also waterproof.  That is a combination that is perfect for me and my sparse thin lashes.

This mascara is suppose to add tiny fiber hairs onto your lashes and it did just that.  It added length and because you can layer it, it also adds volume.  This is because of the waterproof formula.  It makes it really thick.  This mascara does not flake as I wore it, and it did not uncurl my curled lashes.  It's such a good mascara!

I did notice that since it's waterproof, i needed to take extra care when removing it.  I used a mascara remover by Herione Make, and it was fine.  All little specks came off with ease.

Overall I love it!  I bought it for 416 Baht because there was a discount and whenever I go back to Robinson I may have to get a 3rd one.....:)

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