Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SircleSamples - A Free Sampling Service Right To Your Door!


I recently came across this FREE Sampling website from the founder of Glamour Doll Eyes, V.  They are a new company called Sircle Samples.  So what you do is basically you do things on their website such as fill out your profile, review products, like a post, etc., in order to accumulate points.  You use these points to purchase your samples that you want to receive.  All FREE!  They ship it out to you free, and you choose what you want to get by buying your samples with your points.  They don't have many samples to choose from, and they run out pretty quick, so you have to just keep checking out their site to see what they have from time to time.

Also, you get 100 points for referring friends.  I just checked their site today and they had 3 items in their sample shop.  The price or points of each product does not seem to be 'pricey'.  I bought a mini lip gloss today for 600 points, and I got 100 points back for reviewing the product.  I can't wait to see what else they put in their shop!

You can click my referral here if you're interested and live in the USA!  http://bit.ly/Iy7P4h


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