Saturday, May 19, 2012

Daiso Japan Lip Jewelry Gloss & Eye Glitter Gel

Daiso Japan
14280 Culver Dr. Suit A
Irvine, CA

I went to Daiso Japan (Japanese dollar store, everything $1.50)in Irvine yesterday to look around and see if there were any new makeup items.  Sure enough, there were a few items there that were not at the Daiso in Torrence.  

There were only 2 things i was interested in, the Rose Jewelry Lip Glosses and Glitter Eyeshadow Gel.  These 2 items had different colors, so I got one of each.  

Rose Jewelry Lip Glosses
-No. 50  Elegant Honey
-No. 51  Happy Pink
-No. 52  Rich Red
-No. 54  Soft Scarlet

Glitter Eyeshadow Gel
-No. 96  Silver
-No. 97  Gold
-No. 98  Champaigne Pink
-No. 99 Wine Red
-No. 100  Violet

I'm surprised at how pigmented these makeup items are.  For the price, it's really good!

The glosses are sheer and buidable, but are still pigmented enough to wear alone.  They all have shimmer or glitter in them.  All come with 2 caps.  One that's a flat plastic, and the other is a jewel top.  So cute! 

The glitter shadows are very glittery and are pigmented.  Once you apply them, they won't smudge or rub off.  I tried, and I had to use a makeup remover.  I really like the size of it too because it's not too much but just the right amount. 

Watch the video to see my swatches of the glitter shadows and also the glosses :)


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