Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jessica Simpson Leopard Print Bow Clutch

So I went into Stein Mart today for the first time and found the cutest clutch I've ever seen!  Ugh omg it's so cute I don't even know what to say lol :)))

Anyway, it's basically a leopard print clutch, but it's in a bow shape.  It opens up like a clam clamp.  It's lined inside and it's got a cute heart key ring, and also a id card holder.  Now, how awesome is this, both the key ring and card holder are fastened to the clutch by a click button so that it won't move; and you can find your keys and credit cards without rambling around trying to find it.  I was SOLD!

Jessica Simpson
Group:  Jenny
Style:  JS393X
Color:  Leopard
$45.00 $19.99

Cutest thing ever!  Ugh I'm so happy!! 

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Oh and the other thing in my hand is a Vincent Longo Amaretti Diamond Eyeshadow Collection.  See blog post here

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