Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY French Acrylic Nails

When I first started doing my own nails, I didn't know what were the things I needed or where to buy it.  I would ask people at the salon and at asian markets, but no one really wanted to tell me anything.  They were all rude and acted like acrylic nails was a big secret.  Well, to make a long story short, I went into walmart one day last year and bought a cheap acrylic nail set.  That was the best decision ever.

Anyway, in the video(s) below, I show you how I do my own acrylic nails.  I practiced several times (several months) before I got the hang of it, but it was well worth it.  In Cali, you could get a full set for about the same price as you would if you were to buy your own kit at walmart, but I prefer to do my own nails because I feel like people at the salon never do a good job.

I am not a professional at doing nails.  I do not have a license so please if you watch this video don't take it to heart.  It's meant for sharing my own method and not as an official guide on how to do acrylics professionally.  I just love doing my own nails and wanted to share it with you guys.

List of products I used in this video:
-White nail tips
-Nail Clippers
-Acetone Nail Polish Remover & Cotton Balls
-Acrylic Powder in Clear
-Acrylic Liquid
-Dampened Dish
-Acrylic Nail Brush (tipped brush is an alternative)
-Clear Nail Polish
-Crystal Nail File
-Nail Buffer
-Nail Glue

You don't have to buy each of these things individually.  You can do what I did and buy a complete acrylic nail kit at CVS, or Walmart.  I got most of these things from that kit..even the tips are usually included.  Some of these things I did buy separately, but that's because I do my nails often and sort of collected these items as I trained myself over the months.  

-Try not to do this indoors.  The acrylic liquid is very strong!  Do it outside on a nice sunny day without wind.
-The acrylic drys very fast after you dip your brush to form that tiny ball, so work quickly to avoid lumps.  Your nails are basically done the second you take another ball and form it on your nail bed when layering.
-Never get your nose too close to the acrylic liquid...you will pass out!! I'm serious!! It smells awful!!
-The acrylic liquid is the most expensive item out of everything you have to buy.  IDK why....
-You can use gel polish and cure it after you do your powder.  However, gel will never come off, so you have to melt it (ask your salon), or wait until your real nails grow.
-You can remove your acrylic nails by soaking it in acetone for 10 mins or until your nails become soft and bloated.  Gently peel it off.  Use a tooth pick or nail file to help, but be careful please :)
-Some people use alcohol to wipe your buff nails, this prevents germs or molds/fungus to form inside of your nails after you apply your acrylic.  
-You can also use cuticle oil to sooth your cuticles after you finish acrylic application
-Acrylic nails last a long time, so don't worry about breakage...it won't break!
-When your real nails grow, you can always do a "fill in", or you can remove your acrylics all together.  
-"Fill in" is just taking some more acrylic (that tiny little ball again) and layering over your nail bed so that there's no gap between your cuticle and your first acrylic application (the first acrylic application is called a FULL SET)
-You can apply nail color polish, nail foil, or nail stickers on your new acrylic nails.  It won't damage it.
-When filling your nails instead of using a drill, it may take forever...and I mean hours possibly...you may want to to be careful to layer thinly so the nail bed is smooth.  This will cut time.

Feel free to leave me any questions in the comment box!  

Videos are in English and Thai:


Just one photo today...it was kind of hard to take photos of your hands very nicely if you're the only one holding the camera lol :) tripod didn't work well either....

Click on any photo to make them larger!


  1. Very nice kah P'Nan! I've been doing my own acrylic & gel nails since I was 16. I always hated how the people at the salon would never tell us their "secret". The only thing I hate is that it gets a bit messy if I do it myself.

    1. hahah that's true. it does get messy. one hand looks perfect and the other looks more messy because you're doing it yoursef :)) at least that happens to me :) i just sent your package by the way ;) i wrote to you on facebook :)

    2. thank you <3 hahaha I make sure to have everything laid out a certain way so it's less messy. The thing I really hate... is the ODOR. it's so strong! I have to wear a face mask so I don't choke :)


Thank you!

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