Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vincent Longo Amaretti Diamond Eyeshadow Collection

Ameretti Diamond Eye Shadow Collection
by Vincent Longo

Beauty 360
25272 Marguerite PKY
Mission Viej, CA

This is the description from's website.

Vincent's Amaretti Diamond Collection gift set offers "eye candy" for the holidays. Four unique shadows, literally baked into irresistible "color cookies," recall the world-famous scrumptious Italian sweet. These holiday "eye candies" feature sweet complements of crystalline icing baked onto a velvety rich base of visible flavor. When applied, the gourmet treats and toppings meld and blend with sophisticated taste, for a look of visual sensation this holiday season and beyond. What's more, the Amaretti Diamond Collection comes perfectly packaged for holiday gift-giving in a sleek, chic, red-bowed black box.

Colors in this collection:
-midnight blue fudge topped with silver and sapphire pearl frosting
-velvet vanilla crème treat laced with silver sprinkles
-rich chocolate brownie iced with glistening gold
-warm copperleaf cake topped with silvery sugar crystals

Get yours here at

20% off on all orders at
(all you do is go to that link and click on the button that says SHOP NOW)
*This offer ends Friday 5/18 @11:59pm PT, 2012

Or go to VL's website and get it there:

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OMG when I saw this I had an epiphany lol.  It was so sparkly and pretty and I couldn't leave without it.  So I left with it, and left 50 bucks at the store.

The colors are really pigmented and heavily loaded with shimmer and glitter.  Something I love very dearly and can't live without.  You do need a good primer to make them stay on your lids and to prevent creasing.  I haven't tried it on my eyes as I just bought it today, but I did swatch it at the store.  The pigments stayed on pretty well without primer, but the glitters were flicking everywhere.  So you need a fixer or primer definitely.

Overall, the prices of each shadow is $11, totaling $44 for 4 not including tax.  This is not too expensive and not too cheap.  I'm pretty happy with my purchase and I don't think it was expensive.  Not to mention everything about it was super cute, from the packaging to the chocolate box style ribbon.  I LOVE IT!!

Haha look how happy I am with this :)) I"M SO HAPPY!!
And below is the video where I unbox this :)

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  1. OMG! They are gorgeous! I sooooo need that. I love sparkly & cute makeup products! Reminds me of ferrero rocher xD


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