Friday, May 4, 2012

My Day Today

I was on the highway today and I witnessed this!! OMG!! It was so bad.  There were black smoke everywhere and the traffic was backed up miles.

I ordered a green tea frap today with whipped cream and vanilla powder on top from yummy!

Also, my Victoria's Secret Angel card came in today!! I'm so excited because next month is June and it's the SEMI ANNUAL SALE MONTH!  WOOHOO!!  Time to go shopping big time for lotions and sprays!!

oh...and I got a bunch of Estee Lauder Samples because I asked the counter lady about it.  She was so mean and looked mean.  I almost felt like she didn't even want to give these to me.  I am a paying customer and I just wanted to try stuff out God.  These packet samples are almost useless because there's so little product in them you almost need two or three to use at one time.  And even afterwards you're still not sure sometimes if it's going to work for you. 
I asked the lady for a lot because I am a beauty blogger and I am testing products out to review.  Shheeesh...I wonder when they are going to start asking me to review instead of me begging to them for products. 

 Finally, I got a box of Palty Japanese Hair Dye!  I've never tried Palty, but they seem to be so popular everywhere in Cali.  I got this for $9.99 plus tax from Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle Japanese Outlet.  You can check the store where I got this from at 
I'm not sure how this will work, but based on multiple reviews for the bleaching type, it seems to do the job. It also seems a bit intimidating too because it is bleaching.  I'm really hesitant to use this actually because I'm afraid I'm going to damage my hair.  I've always used Garnier, and that did a good job.  My hair was always orange though from Garnier.  Maybe Palty would make my hair golden brown instead of suitcase orange lol.  I hope it works!  I'm going to try it next week hopefully :)

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