Saturday, May 5, 2012

Love With Food May 2012 Box

Love With Food Box May 2012
$14/per monthly subscription

Specials Of The Month
Enjoy up to 25% discount on these products with FREE SHIPPING.  While stocks last.  Buy your faves now at

*Prices from

-Fat Toad Farm's Vanilla Bean Goat Milk Caramel (2oz) - 4 for $13.50
-Dillon's Candy, Pecan Divinity (1.7oz) - No Price
-Nikki's Cookies, Cinnamon & Sugar Butterfly Shortbread (0.82oz/2 cookies) - 6 packs/2 cookies for $11.50
-Barney Butter, Almond Butter (2 packets, 0.6oz each) -20 packs for $8
-KettlePOP Popcorn, Sea Salt (0.75oz) - No Price

Some of the items you can buy in the Love With Food's store, while other's you can't.  I don't know why this is.

I got this month's box for free because I had a promotion code for a free box.  I'm not sure if the code still works, but you could try it.  You do have to give them your credit card information before you can get the free box though.  However, you can always cancel before they charge you for the following month (do this after you get your free box in your mailbox)  The coupon code/promotion code is FBFAN.

This is the first post where I wrote about Love With Food and also the confirmation photo is here:

Here's photos & a video (in English):


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