Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cathy Doll Silky Smooth Stocking Cream

Cathy Doll
Silky Smooth Stocking Cream SPF 58 PA+++
Exclusively at Karmart Beauty Supply Chain

While I was vacationing in Thailand a few months ago, I was on the hunt for beauty products that were unique.  I wanted to try out some skin whitening creams and I knew that there were lots by various Asian brands.  I didn't know which ones to choose though....

I decided to check out a beauty supply chain called Karmart, which supposedly claims to carry products formulated in Korea.  I don't know how true this is, because there's a lot of fake products in Thailand.  

Nevertheless, I bought a whitening cream that's not for your face, but for your legs and arms.  I thought it was different because I've never seen a whitening cream for the body.  I think I paid 259 Baht for it.  Which is about $9 USD.  I'm not sure where you can get this other than in Thailand.  You could probably search it on eBay.

I tried this cream out several times and I was quite surprised at how well it worked.  The cream is very thick, but NOT OILY!  Usually you associate leg creams or lotions to leave a greasy feeling on your hands, but this is different.  It was thick, yes, but as you work this cream vigorously on your skin, it doesn't leave any residue.  And it does what it says to do.  It does whiten your skin complexion just a shade lighter.  What I noticed that in addition, it does smooth out your legs and conceal small imperfections.  Almost like a foundation for your legs!

Before I made this video, I wore this cream sporadically over the past months just to get a feel of how I like it.  I don't think for me, it's something I need.  It's defiantly nice to have, since sometimes you may want to cover up small imperfections on your legs such as small bug bites, etc.  I live in a warm climate next to the beach, and as I wore the cream throughout the day, I didn't feel any stickiness or moisture.  It didn't clump up and seemed to be waterproof when I tried to wash it off.  Overall it blended very nicely, but it does take a few minutes for the cream to disappear and fade in.
This is an ad of the various cream sold at Karmart's
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In this video, I demonstrate how I use this cream on my legs.  Please watch!  I spent a whole day filming and editing :)

Video in THAI: 

Video in ENGLISH:

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  1. Is the whitening effect permanent after using it of a while? Can you tan your skin back if you don't like the lightness of your skin?


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