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Perricone MD Cold Plasma Experience + Nightly Skin Care Routine

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Experience 
And My Nightly Skin Care Routine

Please watch the video if you're interested in hearing my point of view and personal experience in regards to the Perricone MD Cold Plasma.

I have been faithfully using strictly all Perricone MD Skin Care products for almost 4 years.  I love it and I haven't found a better product. 

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My Nightly Skin Care Routine
I actually dread night time before I get to relax in bed.  By the end of the day, I'm worn out and so exhausted that I don't really want to do anything except sleep.  Well, I'm not 12 anymore and I can't just do that.  I have so many beauty regime now that it's crucial that I do this or I will pay the consequences.  So, here's the breakdown of what I use before I get my beauty rest every night.

Step 1
-I always clean off any traces of eye makeup.  I start out dipping a q-tip in eye makeup remover that's oil based since I use waterproof mascaras.  I take the q-tip and wipe downwards onto another piece of toilet paper below my closed eyes.  This way, when I wipe down, the mascara residue is on the toilet paper and not on my face.  Then I remove the rest of my eye makeup including brows and under eye with a cotton ball soaked with remover.  Sometimes I use about 2 to 4 cotton balls on each eye to get everything off.

Step 2
-I use a regular makeup remover to clean the rest of my makeup off of my face.  I go over the edge of the hairline and on my neck area.

Step 3  
-I take the Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser (one pump) and just move in a circular motion on my cheeks, forehead, chin, neck, etc.  Sometimes I do this and wash my face with warm water, and do it again to mentally ensure myself that everything is spotless.  


At this point I usually just hop in the shower and whenever I get out I start Step 4.

Step 4
-I pat down my face with my towel and get a clean cotton ball that's soaked with 2 pumps of the Perricone Firming Facial Toner.  I love this toner.  It gets everything!  I love using it because even after washing my face sometimes twice, I still see makeup residue on the toner cotton ball.  It really deep cleans and finalizes your face before preparing for moisturizer and skin care.  I tone my whole face and all around the front and back of my neck.  I can't live without my toner!

Step 5
-Before I use the Cold Plasma, I do use a skin exfoliant currently by Paula's Choice called Skin Perfecting.  It's got 8% of Aha Gel Glycolic Acid and it's for all skin types (I have combination).  What it does is it brings radiance and even out your skin tone.  What I also love about this that it boost to stimulate collegen production.  It works really well if you're concerned with enlarged pores.  So I just take one small pump of the Skin Perfecting gel and work it over concerned areas (only my cheeks because of my pores).

Step 6
-I let Step 5 dry for about 20 seconds or whenever I feel like it's matted.  I take a pea size amount of the Perricone MD Cold Plasma and work this all over my face.  I apply more simulation on areas where I have discoloration.  I also use whatever's left on my neck.

Step 7
-I use the Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream and just rub gently over my lids and under eye area.  I use this eye cream also in the morning for extra protection.  

Step 8
-Finally, taking a very small amount of the Face Finishing Moisturizer I work this all over my face and on my neck area.

Whew!  Finally I can sleep!

So that's basically my night time routine using Perricone MD Skin Care.  I just introduced the Cold Plasma into my routine for about 6 months now.  I bought my very first 0.5 oz jar about 2 months ago and it's still not gone.  The first 4 months was given to me by my mom because she saw how much I really wanted to try it so she gave me some.  So now I think I'm never going to replace anything with the Cold Plasma.  It's really the best thing that I ever found to be useful and worth my money.  It really does what it's suppose to claim.  It's suppose to be ideal for sensitive skin types too.

The Cold Plasma addresses the following skin care concerns:
-Skin Redness
-Visible Signs Of Aging 
-Enlarged Pores
-Uneven Skin Tone
-Loss of Firmness
-Loss of Smoothness
-Loss of Radiance

If you have the Cold Plasma, you really don't need any other beauty items.  It does everything.  It's almost a miracle product!

I explained in my video how I used a lot of makeup and felt like my face has lost radiance because of it.  I was also concerned about my eye area because of tugging and wearing heavy eye makeup.  I'm scared that over time it's going to create premature sagging and wrinkles.  

The Cold Plasma, from my personal observation, really brought back radiance and natural glow to my face that I had before I used makeup everyday.  No other product has promised me this regardless of brand or price.  I've tested out many products before I concluded that the Cold Plasma worked for me based on my needs.  

There is a Cold Plasma Eye, and also Body.  I haven't tried either, but I'm a little afraid to.  I'm afraid because I know I will love it and get addicted but it's going to cost me a lot of money.  For now, I can only afford to get the Cold Plasma :)  Maybe when I get a better job I can get everything else to complete the set :)

On the side note, whenever I leave the shower I will get distracted and pick up my cell phone, or delay my skin care routine for about 10 mins or so.  I noticed that my skin immediately starts to tighten up and it will get itchy because of dryness from hard shower water.  But after I continue with Step 4, my face feels fully hydrated and replenished.  There's no oily residue afterwards either regardless if it's warm, hot or cold in my room.  My face feels healthy and cleaned.

I know that this will not be the miracle product for everyone, but if you are looking for good skin care, I highly recommend researching before you commit to buy.  Go to your local Sephora ask about products that are based on your concerns.  Write down your needs such as redness, dullness, dryness, etc. to know more about yourself.  This list is for YOU.

If you do not have access to a beauty supplier that offers free samples, the only best thing I can recommend is that you research products online.  Particularly of brands and what they claim to do.  Probably the most important factor that proves this are real customer reviews.  Read what people have to say about it that have already tried it out.  You'll get a mix of reviews always, so if you're still confused, call customer service and ask the company's representative or educator exactly what you want to know.  Don't be shy to call or ask for samples (you'll be surprised at how many companies will send you samples just because you've called about that product).  After all, it's your face.  If you want to take care of it you have to do the research.

To check out the Perricone MD Cold Plasma on the official site, click here:

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