Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sexy Little Thing

Sexy Little Thing 
Makeup Tutorial

My first makeup tutorial for June!  I really wanted to go all out with the glitters and use gold and black this time.  I think it turned out looking rather nicely considering that this incorporated a lot of glitters and a soft cut crease.

Personally I don't think that this look would be hard to do, but I can understand that it may not work for everyone.  I guess a heavy make up look like this can intimidate people that usually go for a natural or light make up look.

Nevertheless, here are photos and of course the tutorial video in English and Thai :)

Video in ENGLISH:

Video in THAI:

Click on the photos to make them larger!



  1. you look amazing!!!I was wondering if you could tell where you bought the necklace?It's so pretty..thnx for the video

    1. heheh thank you! that necklace was from Forever21. I bought it last month...they probably still have it in stores :))


Thank you!

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