Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sircle Samples - Stila Nail Polish & Glamour Doll Eyes

I got my samples in today from Sircle Samples!

I ordered these several weeks ago and they arrived safely at my house today.  Well, the eyeshadow arrived today but the nail polish was a few days ago.  I wanted to do them together because I felt like making a single video or blog post about it was not enough....and it was taking a lot of my time to do every single one individually. is a free sampling service where you earn virtual currency by participating within their site to purchase samples from their sample shop.  Some common ways to earn your virtual currency, or coins, are reviewing your purchased products, and referring friends.  Samples range from high end names to new small businesses.

If you're curious about Sircle Samples, I wrote a blog post + intro video on it here:

Sircle Samples Haul:
-Stila Nail Polish in Chandelier 0.25oz (300 Sircle Coins)
-Glamour Doll Eyes Shadow in Sex Appeal Sample Jar (300 Coins)

The Stila Nail Polished arrived on June 2.  I ordered it on May 25.
Blog post:

The Glamour Doll Eyes Shadow arrived on June 6.  I ordered it on May 20.
Blog post:

Any time a sample comes from Sircle Samples headquarters, they always take the time to carefully package each item.  I've always received my items wrapped nicely in tissue paper in a candy twist style.  Even though sometimes they don't always include information in regards to the products, they always wrap it nicely and send it in a bubble mailer so it doesn't get hurt while it ships.  

Sometimes items ship directly from the company of the products.  Those may take longer to ship out from the time you order and so forth.  Just depends really.  

Overall, I'm so happy with this service.  Everything is FREE!!  I've gotten so many samples from them I have everything in a nice box.  It filled up a make up bag already lol :))  Can't wait to get more!

Anyone can join Sircle Samples.  You have to get an invitation either by requesting one on their site, or directly using my link here:

Here's the video to correspond this blog post:

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