Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SircleSwag - Limited Edition Makeup Bag

Limited Edition Makeup Bag
Retails $10.00 or 1200 Sircle Coins
9"w x 5.5"h

I got my Sircle Sample makeup bag today!  I was really looking forward to this because recently I've been collecting make up bags.  This is the most unique bag I own - and it was free!  It did cost me 1200 coins and I thought that that was a lot, considering we're very limited in chances to rack up coins.  

As of right now, the only way I'm really 'making money' or rather, getting coins, is by friend referral.  I thank everyone who has signed up under my link, because without the referral, I don't think I would be getting anything on my own.  Referrals really help, so if you signed up, spread the word by blogging, make a youtube video, or putting your link on your site (if you have one).

SircleSamples.com is a free sampling service where you earn virtual currency by participating within their site to purchase samples from their sample shop.  Some common ways to earn your virtual currency, or coins, are reviewing your purchased products, and referring friends.  Samples range from high end names to new small businesses.

If you're curious about Sircle Samples, I wrote a blog post + intro video on it here:  http://bit.ly/Ic6qRq   

Currently, Sircle Samples only accepts new members if they sign up for an invitation.  You can request an invitation by using my referral link here, or on the site directly.

Anyway, this make up bag is really nice.  It's got a snap closures at the top if you wanted a flat bag, and another clear tube bag that's velcro and removable.  On one side, there is a zipper compartment so you can store possible make up brushes or anything that's long.  The other side has 3 make up brush holders, or you can store eyeliner pencils and such.  The clear tube bag is huge.  You can store bottles and jars in there easily.  Everything snaps back together so that you can take with you on your travels.  What a great sample this is!  

I took detailed photos because I really love this and wanted everyone to see how awesome this is.  The quality is durable and I honestly believe this is the best sample I've received since I've been a member.  It's also my favorite sample.  

You can click on any photo to enlarge and see the details.  Don't forget to let me know your thoughts and if you purchased this sample too! 

I think they only have it in pink.  I don't really mind, I like anything pink.

Here's the video:

I decided to gather up all the samples that I've received from Sircle Samples and put them in the make up bag just to see how they all would fit.  This is so nice.  I've gotten everything I need for a full make up application lol.  Lotion, brushes, lip gloss, eye shadow, nail polish, etc.  I did get some facial cream and a body cream, but I used all of those up and threw them out.

Everything fits perfect!  :)  

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