Friday, June 15, 2012

Sparkling Smokey Eyes

Sparkling Smokey Eyes
Eye Makeup Tutorial

I guess you can say that this is a very limited tutorial.  Not everyone will have the exact same makeup as someone else.  I used only one cream eye shadow in this tutorial and it's got a lot of fine silver glitter.  If in case you don't have a similar, you can substitute for any brand cream liner in black and then use a silver glitter liner on top.  You would still blend everything out to make it less cluttered.  By using a glitter liner you avoid loose glitter and glue.  It's just easier and never messy.

วันนี้แต่งหน้าแบบ smokey eye แวววาวค่ะ เราใช้อายแชโดว์สีเดียวที่มี shimmer แล้วออกเนื้อครีม ซึ่ง ทำให้ blend ง่ายสำหรับ smokey eye 

List of makeup used:
-Chanel Mirifique 85 (Cream Eyeshadow)  $36  or  1200 Baht
-Philosophy The Color Of Grace palette, "Angel" eye shadow color as highlighter  Free Gift
-Lace Waterproof Fiber Mascara (no brand, no name, I got it from a local beauty store) for top lashes  $3  or  100 Baht
-Diorshow New Look Mascara for bottom lashes  Free Gift
-Christina Eyelashes #747 (Natural Bristles)  $1  or  30 Baht

-Beauty Rush Bronzer from Victoria's Secret in Tantastic  $3.99  or  130 Baht
-Forever21 Nude Blush  $1.80  or  55 Baht
-Forever21 Pink Blush  $1.80  or  55 Baht

-Canmake Lip Concealer Moist In'  est. ~$10 (don't remember the price)  or  300 baht
-Maybelline #865 Nude Nuances  $6.49  or  255 Baht

Please click any photo to see them larger!
(please credit my photos if you save or share!)

And here are the videos:


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