Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ageha July 2012 Magazine!


Today I went out and bought a Japanese fashion magazine from Marukai Market.  I use to buy these every month but lately I feel like it's a waste of money because these are not cheap.  I could buy so much makeup with all the magazines I've been collecting.  They are really fun to have and look at, because of all the photos and makeup and prettiness lol.

I chose Ageha this time because I flipped through it and there were a lot of makeup how-tos and makeup items.  I am into makeup than fashion, so I tend to choose the magazines with the most makeup features.  This magazine retails for 580 Yen, but I paid $10.20 plus tax for it.  

I also bought a sweet bath sponge to use to clean my face from Daiso Japan.  It was right next door, so I went in to browse.  

Oh, the samples you see were free from the market place where I bought the magazine.  They're just convenient to have sometimes for travel and you can't carry much :)

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