Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lets Get Naked2! "Gyaru Style"

OMG I love this look.  My eyes are HUGE!  

You get away with this look even if you don't use any eyeshadow.  It's really simple because all the work is in the lashes.  Minus all the layering and lower lashes, you would look bald lol.  Mascara can never make magic like this.  

I couldn't find the perfect hair style that I liked lol....
(click on any photo to enlarge!)

Products used:

Products Used:
-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Urban Decay NAKED2 Palette
-KATE gel eyeliner in BK1
-Love & Beauty by Forever21 Blush (no name)
-Diamond Lashes in Angel
-Christina Lashes in #74
-Lower lashes (don't remember name, sorry)
-NYX Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm
-Canmake Nudy Glow Lip Gloss in 06 Peach Milk

 This is the Thai thumbnail version:

 Behind the scene!

Finished Product!!
Video in English:

Video in Thai:

In case you missed yesterday's Let's Get NAKED! here are the videos:

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