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Beauty Hunter July 2012 - First Launched Box!

Beauty Hunter July 2012 Box
First Launched Box

Inventory list for July's box:
-Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 by Laura Mercier in NUDE, 0.18oz
-The Big Pony Collection for Women by Ralph Lauren in No. 2, Sample Perfume, 0.05 oz
-Clear-C Effector by Laneige, 0.5 oz
-Tea Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night Lotion by The Body Shop, 2 Sample foil packets, 0.06 oz each
-Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick by Burberry in Nude Beige No. 01, Rosewood No. 04, Blush No. 09, and Brick Red No. 19, Included also a lipstick one-time use brush.  4 x 0.007 oz each
-Sheer Foundation Luminous Fluid Foundation by Burberry in Trench No. 07, 2 Sample foil packets, 0.04 oz each
-Mini Hand Cream by The Vanilla Shop in Peach Tea, 20g
-Vanilla Cherry Blossom Flavor Ceylon Tea by The Vanilla Shop, 1 triangle bag (BONUS First Launched box extra gift)

Total items:  8

Watch the unboxing videos here:
In Thai:

In English:

Beauty Hunter is another sampling service company just launched in Thailand this July.  It's pretty similar to most sampling subscription service where you pay a flat price and get about 4 to 5 beauty items that they pick out for you.  They also release video tutorials, and update beauty tips on their Facebook fan page regularly.  Here's the overall breakdown:

Price:  395 Baht per month (shipping included)
Items:  4 to 5 Deluxe sample size beauty items
Availability:  Only in Thailand
Brands:  High end skin care and makeup brands

-I was sent 1 Beauty Hunter July 2012 box with all the contents for this months for reviewing purposes.
-I am not affiliated with Beauty Hunter nor am I being compensated in any form or way from Beauty Hunter. -My reviews and videos are my own personal opinion in regards to the any part of the company as a subscription service and therefore will always be sincere.  
-I do not give false or misleading statements weather I receive this free or if purchased on my own.
-The background music is called The Owl Named Orion, which can be found at  This is royalty free music.  
-This video is subjected to copyright laws, and cannot be republish or reproduce in anyway or form without my sole written permission.  
-I edit, film, and voice over myself.  Therefore, I am the owner of this video.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me with my links below.


My Thoughts...
I first came across Beauty Hunter when someone posted their link onto my Facebook fan page.  They were, of course, another sampling subscription company that caters to beauty lovers.  These boxes are nothing new and it seems like new companies are born every few months.  The only thing that really pulls customers in are price, since there's so many companies you can choose from nowadays.

As far as price goes, I think that Beauty Hunter certainly has a low price.  For the items that were in my box this month, I think it was worth it.  There's a variety of items from lipstick to foundation, primers, skin care, and body care.  There's even perfume and tea!  The brands that they are in partnership with are high end brand names that a lot of people are familiar with.  Though the point of the boxes should really be about discovering new brands and even new products never before tested.

I guess I'll get into the items individually and jot down my thoughts....

The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is a very good product.  Think of it as a middle man between a BB Cream and a foundation primer.  It moisturizes, and you can use it alone without foundation because it's got color.  I have never tested out this product, but I do own the Laura Mercier Primer, which I love very much.

The Ralph Lauren Spray is probably a product that most Thai women would love, since it is a deluxe sample perfume vial.  For me, whom I guess you could call a 'Spoil Brat American', it's something that I would not prefer to see in my sampling box because I can get these for free at any beauty counter or 3 of them online at with every order.  I can understand that this is a nice sample because these do cost money in Thailand and are not free at any counter in the malls there.  Plus these are good for your makeup bag in your purse.

The Clear-C Effector by Laneige is a booster which I just tried out on the back of my hand and I believe it's a toner.  Laneige is a familiar brand to me, but this particular product is my first.  It dried pretty quickly, and has a soft floral scent.  I think I will like this a lot.

The Tea Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night Lotion from The Body Shop is new to me.  Though I hate foil packets, they are very handy when you travel.  The Body Shop is one of my favorite stores to shop for body butters so I can't complain to try out their skin care product.

Ahhhh Burberry!  I never said it, but I LOVE BURBERRY!  I was very happy to see this sample in the first Beauty Hunter box and can't wait to try it!  Their lipsticks are rich and creamy and so good quality.  Burberry anything is good quality lol :))  I can't wait to try this though.....OMG!  4 colors and a brush, plus 2 packets of their sheer foundation!!  I'm SO HAPPY!

Finally, I got 2 items from The Vanilla Shop.  I've never heard of this brand and I'm really happy that it was in the box.  I like items that are completely new to me so that I can fall in love with them, because that's the whole point of a sampling service.  To get people to know about new products and be the first to try them out.  I tried out the hand cream and it smells SO NICE.  It reminds me of actual peach tea over ice drink.  The texture of the lotion is not sticky, nor does it leave a oily residue.  It blends in nicely and hydrates my hands.  This was a good sample and I love it!

The other item I got was supposedly a gift for the first launched Beauty Hunter box and it's The Vanilla Shop Vanilla Cherry Blossom Ceylon Tea.  The cutest part of it all was that this triangular bagged tea came in a small circular tin!  SO CUTE!!  You can tell that this company took time to think up the architecture of the design and made it into a positive marketing strategy.  Maybe a lot of people wouldn't care of the packaging, but for someone like me who prefers packaging sometimes over the product, they've sold me.  However, I did some researching online and read about their company.  It seems like they are wholesome and provides luxury alternatives to everyday goods such as the simplicity of tea and hand creams.

My overall conclusion with the first month of Beauty Hunter is a raving positive.  I do believe that they made a statement with having so many beauty items in this box to attract beauties across Thailand.  I know that the Beauty Hunter team will be a success if they continue to grow and offer quality products and guarantee that customers do come first.

In addition, I would also like to thank all of the Beauty Hunter team, and Khun Ticha,  for sending me this first month's box for reviewing purposes and I thoroughly enjoyed it personally and as an active beauty blogger.  

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