Saturday, July 7, 2012

Makeup Section in Daiso Japan at Torrence, CA

Daiso Japan 
Located at Torrence, CA

I went in Daiso today and looked around for potential new makeup items.  Unfortunately, there were nothing new, just restocks of old stuff that I already had bought months before.  I did however, picked up some lower lashes, a tweezer, and gel lip gloss.  I also got some snacks, but that's from Marukai Japanese Grocery Store.  

Since there were nothing new, I just took this time to snap some photos so that everyone can get a general idea of what they sell there.  The store is pink and so pretty.  They really set it up where you just want to buy everything lol.  Lets just say it's a happy environment to shop in :)) 
(Click on any photo to enlarge!)

So I just got these few items this time...

-False Lower Eyelashes in Glamorous Type No. 352
-False Lower Eyelashes in Natural Type No. 353
-High Grade Transparent Line Eyelash in No. 98
-Stainless Steel Tweezers Clip Type 108mm Pincette No. 9
-Rouge Gel Lip Makeup in Pink Rose No. 46

The snacks that I bought were from Marukai Market Place (, which was right next door to Daiso.  Everything look so yummy.  I think all in all my purchase almost $30.....which is ridiculous.  Why???!  Why!!?!  For Snacks!!!??

-Meiji Melty blend Royal Milk Tea Chocolat 2.1 oz (15 pieces) x 2 boxes, $3.78 each
-Meiji Horn Rangudosha Chocolate & White Stick Cookies (8 pieces), $2.98
-Glico Pocky Panda Cookie Sticks 1.16 oz, $1.98
-Lotte Sasha Chocolate Rennyu Ichigo 2.43 oz, $4.98
-Yama Motto Yama Original Sweetened Powdered Leaf Iced Green Tea 5.3 oz (12 packets) x 2 boxes, $3.98 each
-Alfort Baked Biscuit Bourbon 2.22 oz, $1.98

These cookies and chocolates better taste like nectar from heaven because I just now see the numbers and that is ridiculous lol

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