Friday, August 10, 2012

Pop of Yellow Eye Makeup

Photo Tutorial:

Video in English:

Video in Thai:

List of products used:
-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
-Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Glory Palette 2012 Limited Edition
-KATE gel eye liner in BK1
-Lash Expander Frame mascara by Majolica Majorca
-Philosophy "the color of grace" in Heaven and Earth 01
-BB Blush in 03
-Victoria's Secret Glossy Tint in Boudoir Pink
-Victoria's Secret Sparkle Gloss in Gold Glitter

Hi!  Sorry I've been MIA and haven't updated my blog that much.  I recently found out that there's actually a limit in how many photos you can have here on your account and after you go over that limit you have to pay.  It made me so scared that I just didn't know how to react.  So I left my blog alone.  I have just been uploading photos onto my Facebook page because there's no limit there.  

I really missed writing in my blog because here, I can organize and put everything in a layout.  On Facebook all I could do was just upload photos and that's it.  It wasn't fun.  

I did go in and deleted some multiple uploads of old photos and I'll try to size my pictures down so it's within the free limit.  I hate to have that be an issue again because I don't want to stop writing my blog.  I love it so much!!


I did this look yesterday because I really wanted to use my new Glory Palette by Sleek MakeUP.  It's a limited edition in honor of the London Olympics 2012.  The palette actually has very little fall outs.  The colors stick well on the brush as well as my eyelids...that is with a good primer.  I don't generally use any eye shadows that are vibrant in color without a thick cream base primer anymore.  I want the same color as the palette so only a cream base primer will work.

I'll be having some fun video tutorials up within this month so please check my YouTube :)) I will usually update that first before my blog or Facebook.


  1. great to see you blogging again...can you plz make a video on how you take care your hair..(healthy hair tips)

    1. :)) Thank you so much :)) As for my hair, I think I'm the worst person to ask lol :)) I don't really know much about hair :))


Thank you!

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