Monday, October 15, 2012

Beauty Army Kit October 2012

My Beauty Army Kit came today!!  I couldn't be happier because I was really anxious to get it.  I waited about 11 days since I choose on the 3rd of every month.  I actually waited till the 4th to choose because I really wanted the LASHEM to pop up in my selection window.  It worked.  It showed up just like I thought it would.

This month's selection is soo good I couldn't believe it.  Total, I got 5 full size items for this month, and the 6th item is huge for a sample size (Suntegrity BB Cream).  Here is a photo of the 9 samples I could have choose, and the check marked photos are the ones I actually chose.

Items for this month:
-Every Beauty Pedicure Pad*
-You Da Balm*
-Skinn Cosmetics*

Here is the unboxing video:

The prices of each product:

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