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myface.cosmetics product review + swatch video!

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Hi!  About a week ago I received a package from myface.cosmetics in the mail with some items to sample for a review.  I was so surprised to see that they carefully chose things that I just so happen to love.  I don't know if it's a coincidence or its just a generic package, but these were definitely colors and make up items I would have chosen for myself if I were going to go out and restock my collection.  

I took photos and will elaborate on details below so you guys can get an idea of what I think about each product.  Which are all exceptionally great quality overall!!  Thank you so much myface.cosmetics for choosing me to do this review!!

You can visit and browse around to see for yourself!  You won't be disappointed :)

Also, myface.cosmetics gave me a coupon code just for my subscribers to use!  
Coupon Code:  BLOGDUO1
By using this code, you will receive a free eyeshadow duo with any purchase!

I do not get anything if you use this code or shop there, just passing along great information from a blogger to a subscriber :)

Besides that, they have coupons all the time and free shipping if you spend $25 minimum.   

If you sign up for their newsletter you get $10.00 off your next purchase too!

In addition to this blog post, I did a quick product review and live swatches of all of the products sent to me.  Sometimes it's better to see it in a video than just photos, don't you think?

Items in this video:
-Blingtone Eyeshadow in Raspberry Beret 
-Lil Bling Chrome Nail Polish in Raspberry Beret
-Italian Ice Eyeshadow Duo in Amalfi #65
-sl"INK"y Liquid Liner (Matte) in In Paint It Black
-My Mix Foundation in Fair 02

Just a side note, this is my latest makeup tutorial where I used the My Mix Foundation and sl"INK"y Liquid Liner that was sent to me.  I didn't show the foundation part, but used it before applying my makeup.  You can see me actually using the liner in this video though.


 Italian Ice Eyeshadow 

When I first saw these eye shadows I was very impressed.  I knew about it when I first heard of their company back in January of this year, but never gave it much thought.  I in terms of vibrancy these go on just like what's in the palette.  It's a icy sheer color, yet build-able to the intensity that you desire.  If you watch the video, I did a swatch on my fingers and just barely rubbing it, so much pigment picked up.  

I have worn this twice already and every time I did I notice no fall outs whatsoever.  The colors packed on the brush and transferred directly onto my lids without fuss.  I did use a primer, so of course that always helps.  The brush that comes with this palette is very nice and good quality.  It's not a sponge applicator, but rather an actual brush.  You can easily spot clean this and reuse over and over.  

Overall, this is a very high quality product.  It fits very conveniently in your purse and is so pretty when applied.  Not shimmery or glittery, but has a nice sheen to velvety finish.

 Blingtone Eyeshadow 

I have several of these Blingtone eye shadows from my Beauty Army subscription service from when they first started back in January of this year.  I was so happy to get these and after trying it out I was hooked.  If you're looking for a glittery-foil, metallic eye shadow, look no further.  These are pearl crushed eye shadows and have the radiance of a disco ball!

In terms of pigmentation, it looks just like what's in the pan.  You they pick up really well and are so beautiful for night time wear.  For day time wear, you may want to use very little just to add a hint of playfulness to the eyes.  

Lil Bling Chrome Nail Polish 

These chrome nail polishes were designed to match the beautiful glittery Blingtone eye shadows.  Each color has a perfect pair that is exactly in the same shade, and you can rock it on your eyes and nails.  They go on your nails just like the title, Chrome.

This particular color is so pretty and shiny that you don't even need a top coat.  The overall quality is even better.  When I wore this it lasted well over a week without chipping, and it dried pretty fast.  Not even trying to brag about it, but it's the truth :)

SL"INK"Y Liquid Liner 

This is a liquid liner that has a fine thin brush applicator so that you can easily layer for a thick wing or sharp cat eye.  I used this in my latest make up tutorial video (see above), and it applies so even and smooth.  The brush is so fine that it was very easy for me to handle without any fuss.

What I really love about it is that it dries quickly, and dries matte.  Some liners I have used before would take a while to dry and it would have a flaky or even glossy finish, which I think is very annoying.  I really love for my liners to be matte unless it's a glitter liner.  It just looks better and professional.

Overall, I have been using this liner everyday!  I honestly love it and it lasts all day.  No need to retouch and it does not flake off.  The only time it comes off is at the end of the day with makeup remover :)  Great product!! Highly RECOMMEND!!

My Mix Foundation 

Looking for the perfect foundation could be a challenge especially the one that fits to your needs.  For me, I look for something that gives my face a brighter complexion, velvet to matte finish, and long lasting.

I actually used this foundation many times already and a little goes a long way.  I'm really impressed because of the quality of the product.  The color that I received was in Fair 02, and on the site, you can choose your skin tone and get the product accordingly.  If you're unsure, they even have an expert help you.  Customer service is exceptional and will cater to your needs.

After using this foundation under my makeup, it was flawless and blended so seamlessly into my skin.  My uneven distribution of color spots throughout my face was taken care of without the help of a concealer from just a small amount of this product.  It gives medium to full coverage without the bulk or heaviness.  In addition, it did not feel cakey at all.  It was a matte finish and very very long lasting.  Even after the end of the day my face makeup still looked nice.
Overall, I loved everything and use it on a daily basis.  Everything is very high quality and lives up to its name.  Thank you again myface cosmetics!!  I am a FAN!

DISCLAIMER:  I received the products featured in this video for review purposes only.  I am not affiliated with myface.cosmetics nor am being compensated for doing a review.  This video is not sponsored.  My reviews have not been altered due to receiving these products from the company.  Furthur questions, please email me at

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