Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale June 2012 Haul

Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale 
June 13th 2012 Haul

B&BW's SAS started on the 13th of June this year.  There were plenty of goodies that were marked down so low that it's really hard to pass it by.  I just got a few things, and everything totaled $45 bucks.  I did do separate purchases, because I had coupons that I wanted to use, but you couldn't use it at the same time.  

I did 3 separate purchases.  2 of the coupons I used was buy $10 get a free signature collection item under $12 for free.  So I bought 2 of my shimmer body creams ($5 each) and got a Carried Away and Paris Amour bubble bath for free.  Then I did another purchase totaling $35, but got a $10 off coupon.  So I paid $25 for that.  

I only wish that they marked down more of the newer body sprays and shimmer sprays.  Actually none one of the shimmer sprays were marked down.  Bummer.  

-Carried Away Shimmer Body Cream $12.50  $5.00  (150 Baht)
-Sweet Pea Shimmer Body Cream $12.50  $5.00  (150 Baht)
-Pink Chiffon Shimmer Body Cream $12.50  $5.00  (150 Baht)
-Paris Amour Shimmer Body Cream $12.50  $5.00  (150 Baht)
-Paris Amour Bubble Bath $12.00  (Free Item)
-Carried Away Bubble Bath $12.00  (Free Item)

My $25 purchase:
-75% Off - Rio Rumberry Fragrance Mist $12.50  $3.12  (102 Baht)
-75% Off - Bali Mango Glowing Body Scrub $14.00  $3.50  (115 Baht)
-75% Off - Bali Mango Shower Gel $11.00  $2.75  (82 Baht)
-Rain Kiss Deep Cleansing Hand Soap $3.00  (100 Baht)
-50% Off - Into The Wild Triple Moisture Body Cream $12.50  $6.25  (207 Baht)
-50% Off - Into The Wild Fine Fragrance Mist $14.00  $7.00  (230 Baht)
-50% Off - Into The Wild Smoothing Body Scrub $14.00  $7.00  (230 Baht)
-$10 Off any $30 purchase coupon

Total:  $34.37  $24.37  (768 Baht)  (with 7.75% Tax)

Click on the photos to see them larger!

Here's the whole picture of my haul.  I'm rather happy about it.  The classic stuff you see on the right was a purchase from my mom's bag.  She bought that for me.


Haul Video in ENGLISH:

Haul Video in THAI:


  1. พี่แนนอยากซื้อแบบพี่แนนบ้างอะค่ะเพิ่งได้เงินเป็นของขวัญวันเกิดมา พอเห็น พี่แนนพีวิว ชอบมากค่ะ เค้ายังลดอีกป่าวค่ะ ฝากซื้อได้ป่าวค่ะ

    1. The sale lasts about 2 weeks ka. If you want to contact me about purchase, please talk to me on skype ka :) I would be more than happy to answer your questions :)


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