Sunday, October 7, 2012

Parissa Face & Bikini Wax Strips


I'm so sorry I've been MIA for the past few months.  I recently went on a big trip and hopefully I'll be motivated to get back into my blog.  I've said this before, but I was bummed out about the photos being limited here on blogspot.  That was the main reason I was so hesitant to blog after I did my YouTube videos.  Nevertheless, I have to edit my photos now to rescale and also choose carefully only the photos I really want to compliment each post.

Anyway, today I decided it was time to dedicate a blog post on the Parissa Wax Strips that was sent to me to review by Influenster.  It was from the Naturals VoxBox about a month ago.  I didn't get around to testing out the products contained until this week actually.  It does take some time to blog and take photos of every step, so that's another reason why I haven't wrote about it so quickly.

Parissa Quick & Easy Wax Strips: Face & Bikini (For All Hair Types)
16 (8 x 2 sided) strips

Each box has 16 strips of wax and also a bottle of Azulene Oil, which is for removal of any remaining wax on your skin, and also to retain smoothness and ingrown hair, plus enhances skin cell regeneration.  You can use the oil daily for maximum results.

Here are photos of the step by step process on how to use your wax strips:

1.  You want to warm each double strip on the palms of your hands.  

 2.  After warming the product, you can peel back slowly and use the sticky side to adhere to your skin.

3.  Make sure you don't clean your skin before you use the strips.  Press the strip on smoothly in a downward motion of where your hair grows.

4.  Before you peel off, make sure you press one hand to keep skin firm, and then quickly peel off the strip as if you're swatting a fly.  Lol I know, weird analogy...but I didn't know how else to explain it!  Peel off in the opposite direction of your hair growth so you get every little hair off.  Never peel off slowly!  The faster you peel the better the results.  And please don't use it on the same area during the same treatment.

5.  After you're done, you can reuse the same strips a few more times until there's not much stickiness left on the strip.  Here's my strip from my let:

6.  The Azulene Oil (blue bottle) is used for removing any wax residue from your skin.  You can use this daily.

*If your skin turns pink or spotty after you remove your wax strips, applying some pressure or a cube of ice to cool down (this is good for your upper-lip)

Overall, I love this product.  I'm so glad it was included in my Naturals VoxBox!  There's plenty of strips left so this will last me a few months, as I don't wax that often.  I believe a box of this retails for around $9, so it's not that bad.  It's like 50 cents per strips.  I surely can afford this :)

You can check out Parissa's website here:

To view the correct product information, please click here:

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